Lewis Hamilton reacts to Valtteri Bottas’ massive feat for men’s health charity 

Lewis Hamilton lauded Valtteri Bottas for a successful attempt at the Movember challenge by raising a whopping $150k for men's health issues.

Lewis Hamilton reacts to Valtteri Bottas’ massive feat for men’s health charity 

The end to the Formula 1 2023 season has given all the drivers a lot of time to put into their pursuits away from the racing circuits. To the fans, the racers who take part in the pinnacle of motorsports might look like some huge icons who travel at lightning fast speed and earns millions every month. But in reality, they do enjoy their off-grid shenanigans like any other human being enjoying a vacation. For Alfa Romeo recruit Valtteri Bottas, the end to the F1 season meant devoting more time into his Movember challenge for advocating for men’s health issues.

Movember is a men’s challenge where the participants restrain from cutting their moustaches for the month of November. Valtteri Bottas was partaking in the Movember challenge throughout the last month of the recently-ended season. And as he posted a picture to mark the successful completion to his feat, Valtteri got complimented by none other than his former Mercedes teammate Lewis Hamilton.


Valtteri Bottas is widely regarded as one of the longest-serving teammates to Mercedes’ heartthrob Lewis Hamilton. The Finnish partnered with the Briton from 2017 until the end of 2021. To congratulate Bottas for his Movember challenge as well as for raising charity money through selling his nude calendar, Lewis Hamilton took to his official page on Instagram. He reposted Bottas’ story where he was sporting the moustache he had grown in November. The image on the story carried a heartfelt caption that said, ‘Proud of you Bro’.

Valtteri Bottas announced the amount he raised for after finishing his Movember challenge

The Finnish driver also took it to Instagram to announce a successful end to the Movember challenge. Bottas captioned the image and talked about the last day of the challenge and how it was successful. Additionally, he thanked each and every one for helping in raising a substantial amount of money for the Movember challenge.

Valtteri Bottas Movember.
Valtteri Bottas (via Instagram)

Bottas also tagged the official Movember page and added how the raised money would be helpful and effective in saving many people’s live especially men’s lives. However, Bottas did not reveal the exact amount of money raised and exclaimed that the final figures were still to be calculated but further added that it was around a whopping $150k.


This was a very great attempt from Bottas to bring attention to men’s major health issues. The Finnish driver proved that he likes to stick to his Finnish roots and help the world by also adopting different traditions from his culture. Lewis Hamilton also helped bring awareness to Valtteri Bottas’s successful Movember campaign.

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