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Lewis Hamilton unbothered about Michael Masi’s return: “No particular emotions about it”

Lewis Hamilton unfazed with the possible return of Michael Masi after the Abu Dhabi debacle

Lewis Hamilton and Michael Masi

Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen locked horns for the length of the entire season with the latter getting the better off the seven time world champion and winning his maiden title. But this was not as straightforward as it sounds. The title went to the wire with both the drivers level on points going into the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. We saw a season for the ages and the ending was as controversial as it could be.

The Grand Prix started with Lewis Hamilton getting his elbows out and taking the lead from Max Verstappen despite starting second on the grid. The race was going according to plan but the Nicholas Latifi crash turned the tables upside down. This meant Lewis Hamilton couldn’t pit while Max Verstappen could. But what was playing in Lewis Hamilton’s favor was the fact that there were lapped cars between him and Max Verstappen with only a lap to go.

That is when the then race director, Michael Masi, took a controversial decision, the effects of which were talked across the globe. Masi gave the green light to the lapped cars to un-lap themselves after a bit of hesitancy, leaving Max Verstappen behind Lewis Hamilton. Max took full advantage of that decision on the fresher tyres and won the champion. Later on, Michael Masi was let go by the FIA.

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Lewis Hamilton unfazed with the possible return of Michael Masi after the Abu Dhabi debacle

Max Verstappen, Michael Masi and Lewis Hamilton

But again, there are rumors of Michael Masi returning to F1 which has been a cause of lot of noise in the paddock. Lewis Hamilton on the news said, “The return of Masi? I have heard this story but I have no particular emotions about it.”

The seven time world champion is only focused on the Spanish GP. He said, “As always, I expect to do well in Spain. Barcelona is the ideal test track. It will be interesting to see our progress […] 

I like my job and the challenge, even the challenges we have now. We are still not fighting for victories, but it is still a nice challenge,” as reported by gpblog.

Lewis Hamilton has clarified that he is unconcerned about a potential return of last year’s race director, Michael Masi, back to Formula 1, despite of what happened in Abu Dhabi.

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