Lewis Hamilton × Serena Williams: A timeline for the close friendship between the two sporting greats

Lewis Hamilton and Serena Williams have a friendship unlike any in the world of sports. Take a look at the timeline of their connection and how they have always supported each other through thick and thin.

Lewis Hamilton and Serena Williams
Lewis Hamilton and Serena Williams

The names of Lewis Hamilton and Serena Williams have been linked time and time again as the two have religiously kept their friendship alive for many years. Being two of the most famous athletes in the world, they have never shied away from taking time out of their busy schedules to support each other, in person or online. Being the absolute best in their respective fields, Lewis and Serena have a bond that is powerful and is cherished by fans of the entire F1 and tennis communities.

But this did not start in the matter of a day. Lewis and Serena have known each other since their earlier days in this industry, and have always been truly supportive of each other.

Every now and then, the sports world is abuzz with news that Lewis Hamilton has paid tribute to Serena Williams’s talent or the tennis pro has visited the F1 paddocks to cheer on Lewis. Being one of the most prolific athletes in the world, Lewis frequently rubs shoulders with the who’s-who of the community, but with Serena, he has always shared something very special.

Having stayed as friends for so long, there have been multiple instances where fans speculated if something was brewing between Lewis Hamilton and Serena Williams, but a rep for the F1 racer had later confirmed they are in no way romantically attached, but are really good friends to each other. The way the two of them have always hyped each other up, and have joined in some endeavours, it can undoubtedly be said that the two of them have one of the most iconic friendships in the world of sports, and today, we will know more about them.

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Lewis Hamilton and Serena Williams have always showered compliments on each other publicly

Serena Williams and Lewis Hamilton
Serena Williams and Lewis Hamilton

In a world where fellow competitors are almost always seen throwing shade at each other, Lewis and Serena have managed to build a friendship even after being in the same field. At one of his interviews from way back in 2016, Lewis had mentioned the respect he has in store for Williams, saying, “We kind of come from similar backgrounds and have similar relationships with our parents, with the father figure being the lead. Growing up watching her career, I’m absolutely inspired by her and still today by her drive. She’s the greatest athlete of our generation.”

Then, in 2017, when Serena Williams was subjected to racial abuse by former tennis pro Illie Nastase, Lewis Hamilton took a strong stance in support of his friend. He said, “I’m very much with her in what she said [Serena had posted on her Instagram condemning Illie’s statement]. I thought it was beautiful what she wrote as a powerful, independent black woman. I just think she’s awesome.

In 2018, Lewis was again seen extending his support for Serena Williams amidst her row with umpire Carlos Ramos, who had handed her several code violations during her match with Naomi Osaka. And in the following year, Lewis cheered for Serena Williams as she was appointed co-chair for the Met Gala–an event that both Williams and Hamilton have frequented many a times in the past years.

And when Hamilton ran into Williams at a jewellery store in 2019 in LA, he played the gentleman by carrying her bags for her as she had daughter Olympia in her lap.

Fast forward to 2020, Serena Williams said of Lewis Hamilton, “He is for me the greatest driver that our generation has seen. I’m confident that he will break the record of Michael Schumacher, who was also a fabulous driver.”

And in 2021, Lewis sent a message in support for Serena Williams following her sudden exit from the press conference for the Australian Open, after losing the match to Naomi Osaka. And in 2022, the two joined hands to contribute to Martin Broughton’s bid for buying the Chelsea Football Club.

Thus, it can be said that Serena Williams’s connection with Hamilton is one of the most precious friendships amongst all the athletes. Fans are supportive of the two as they are the doyens in their respective sports, and they only hope their friendship flourishes to greater heights and their social activism brings more opportunities for the countless young talents who wish to be like Serena and Lewis one day.

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