Netflix hit series ‘Driver to Survive’ captures SHOCKING moment when Lando Norris pondered leaving McLaren due to their struggles in early 2023

The Briton enters his sixth season in F1 with McLaren.

Netflix hit series ‘Driver to Survive’ captures SHOCKING moment when Lando Norris pondered leaving McLaren due to their struggles in early 2023

Lando Norris on the podium at Silverstone (via IMAGO)

Lando Norris has been a McLaren driver since his rookie days in F1. The team and the Briton have had a partnership lasting more than half a decade and have been inseparable even through tough times. However, the infamous Netflix Drive To Survive series captured a moment of Norris’s frustration after their terrible start to the season.


The 24-year-old has been leading the British outfit since Carlos Sainz left the team in 2020. The Briton has emerged as a leader of the team despite multiple driver changes in the team. Following this, Norris became one of the most respected drivers on the grid honing his ability to adapt and extract the final few tenths that other drivers were unable to find. Despite that, the Englishman felt that staying with the team was a wrong choice and he should explore his options.

I guess at times I would love to know what it’s like to be in other people’s positions. I think like: ‘Hmm, what would happen if I went here or what would happen if I went there? Who wouldn’t think of those things
Lando Norris said as reported by

After a poor weekend for the team in Miami, Norris was seen talking about the possibility of joining another team. This incident was captured when Red Bull’s team principal Christian Horner had commended the Briton on his driving ability. Horner had talked up Norris and commented on his winning potential. This led to the Briton coming close to leaving the team after their poor performance in the first half of the season and thinking about moving to the reigning champions.

Does Lando Norris regret staying with McLaren after the opening of a seat at Mercedes?

It was recently revealed that Lewis Hamilton would be leaving Mercedes after the end of the season. However, Norris had signed a contract extension with McLaren just a few days back from this announcement. Now, the Briton has reacted whether he regrets the decision to extend his contract with the team knowing a free seat at the Silver Arrows was available for the 2025 season.

Lando Norris
Lando Norris (via Imago)
I’m very happy. I could have waited, I had the choice. I knew opportunities were potentially coming my way. I knew what opportunities I had at the time last year and coming into this year and what could have happened or what is happening over the next couple of years anyway. So no regrets from any side.
Lando Norris said as reported by RaceFans

The 24-year-old iterated that he knew such opportunities would open up very soon. However, he had firm faith in the team. Norris reckons that with the progress they made in the latter half of the season, the team would excel and would be challenging for the top spot again.

McLaren had recently unveiled and put their new wind tunnel in use which helped them decrease the gap to the Red Bulls. Subsequently, seeing such developments, Norris has committed to the team for a few more years. The Briton would be on the hunt to get his first title and bring back the glory to the English team.

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