Neymar Jr, Irina Shayk, and several other celebs wish Lewis Hamilton as the legendary F1 driver turns 38

Neymar Jr, Irina Shayk, and several other celebs wish Lewis Hamilton as the legendary F1 driver turns 38

Neymar Jr, Lewis Hamilton, and Irina Shayk

Lewis Hamilton is a renowned personality. Hamilton in his time in F1 has rewritten history. Lewis has a host of records to his name, including the most Grand Prix wins and pole positions, 103 each. Along with the record of 7 world championships, which the Brit holds jointly with Michael Schumacher. Thus it is no wonder, that Hamilton is arguably the most famous name in Formula 1 in today’s time.

Lewis Hamilton is always seen in major events and is even a fashion icon. Hamilton was recently spotted in Egypt to attend an event of the French luxury brand, Dior. Interestingly, Chinese F1 driver, Zhou Guanyu is now a Dior China ambassador. Hamilton usually even hangs out with Hollywood A-listers and even sportspersons from other fields such as Neymar Jr.Lewis has previously even attended the prestigious Met-Gala.

Lewis Hamilton is often seen on red carpets

Hamilton received a knighthood in 2021 for his contribution to motorsports. As such, it is evident that Lewis Hamilton has massive popularity globally along with millions of fans. Thus it is no surprise that on January 7, 2022, when Lewis turned 38 years old, the internet exploded with wishes for the 7-time champion. We delve in to take a look at the wishes, Lewis received from some of the biggest celebrities and icons on Instagram.

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Neymar Jr

Lewis Hamilton’s Instagram story

The Brazilian Football star is a great friend of Lewis Hamilton. Lewis even provided a few supporting words to Neymar and his team after Brazil’s elimination from the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Neymar uploaded an Instagram story, with a picture of the pair together from an F1 grid. The caption said, “Happy birthday bro. God Bless. @lewishamilton” Certainly a bromance we love to see. Lewis Hamilton is also an honorary Brazilian citizen, making the pair fellow countryman.

Irina Shayk

Lewis Hamilton’s Instagram story

The Russian model-turned-actor is a close friend of Lewis Hamilton. The pair have been spotted together in several events in the past. As such, Irina Shayk uploaded an Instagram story to wish Lewis, with a picture of the Brit along with his companion, Roscoe. Irina wrote, “Happy bday to my fav capricorn @lewis hamilton” Certainly, Hamilton is the favorite Capricorn of millions of fans. Shayk is the ex-partner of Football star, Cristiano Ronaldo as well as actor, Bradley Cooper.

Fabio Quartararo

Lewis Hamilton’s Instagram story

Fabio Quartararo is the 2021 MotoGP World Champion and is good friends with Hamilton. As such, on the F1 star’s birthday, Fabio posted a story on Instagram wishing the Mercedes driver. Quartararo uploaded a picture of the pair together, where they appear to be having a good time. The caption stated, “Happy birthday brotherr ! @lewishamilton.” A wish from one motorsport star to another.

Gabriel Medina

Lewis Hamilton’s Instagram story

Gabriel is a 3-time world surfing champion and is a fan of Brazilian legend, Ayrton Senna. As such, when Medina posted a story for Hamilton’s birthday, he chose a memorable picture. The photograph depicts Gabriel and Lewis together along with a real helmet of Ayrton Senna. He wrote, “Happy birthday buddy @lewishamilton i wish you all the best.” Gabriel Medina is another Brazilian sports icon who is a close confidant of Lewis Hamilton.

Miles Chamley-Watson

Miles Chamley-Watson is an Olympian American fencer having won two world championship titles and 11 Pan-American titles. Watson also has a love for F1, having attended the widely-anticipated Miami Grand Prix in 2022. Miles wished Hamilton on the Brit’s 38 birthday with a story as well as an Instagram post. In his story, Miles wrote, “Besties birthday. @lewishamilton. My brother for this life and the next.”

Watson uploaded a series of the pics of the two together on an Instagram post and wished Lewis with a touching message. The caption stated, “My brother. Happy Birthday. This is gonna be an incredible year for you I know it. Love man’s to the moon and back. Everyone go wish my bestie the best of birthdays! Man’s is also aging backwards @lewishamilton” Perhaps the best wish the Mercedes driver received that day.

Nicholas Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton’s Instagram story

Nicholas is Lewis Hamilton’s younger brother and the two have supported each other through thick and thin. As such, Nicholas was the first to wish the 7-time world champion. The younger Hamilton shared a picture from his time at the Mercedes F1 simulator. Lewis was overwhelmed with pride that day as he witnessed his brother become the first disabled person to drive an F1 sim. Nicholas wrote, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRO.”

De Carlo

Lewis Hamilton’s Instagram story

De Carlo is up and coming music sensation who has a close bond with Hamilton. Thus, De Carlo posted a series of stories on Instagram on Lewis’s 38th birthday. One story even showcased Lewis giving the artist some “vocal lessons.” Carlo wrote on 2 different stories. The first one stated, “Happy birthday to my brother @lewishamilton appreciate you always inspiring me and having my back. Locked in 4ever.” While Hamilton reshared the story which said, “Cherish the moment Happy Birthday Brodie.”

Travon Free

Lewis Hamilton’s Instagram story

Travon Free is an Oscar & Emmy-winning personality, having done writing, direction as well as comedy. Free is a great F1 enthusiast and as such a big fan and friend of Lewis Hamilton. Thus, Travon wished Lewis on January 7, by posting a picture of Lewis along with several of his racing helmets. The artist wrote the caption, “Happy birthday” along with a goat emoji. This is a symbol of how Travon believes that Hamilton is the greatest of all time.

Miles Richie

Lewis Hamilton’s Instagram story

Miles Richie is another musician who’s friends with Hamilton. These friendships show that Lewis is passionate about music, having made his own under the name XDNA. Richie posted a story of a picture from a night out with Lewis as they got dressed up in vintage outfits. Miles wished the F1 driver and wrote, “Happy bday brother @lewishamilton love you.” As we can see, the pair surely has a close bond between them.

Pro Logic

Lewis Hamilton’s Instagram story

Pro Logic is a professional music producer and has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry. The producer is good friends with Hamilton, sharing the love for music. Thus, Pro Logic also wished the Mercedes driver on Instagram. Logic uploaded a picture of the two playing the game, Jenga together. He wrote, “Happy Birthday My Bro @lewishamilton.”

Hence, Lewis Hamilton’s 38th birthday was celebrated by multiple celebrities. Hamilton has friends in a wide spectrum of arenas be it Football, MotoGP, or music. It is amazing to witness such great friendships among these stars. Such bonds make the celebs seem more humane to fans and followers. We hope that these friendships only grow over the years. And of course, we wish Lewis Hamilton a belated happy birthday.

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