‘No identity’ ‘Sensational: Fernando Alonso and Lando Norris’ helmet designs draw contrasting reactions from the fans

Fernando Alonso and Lando Norris both have new helmet designs for the Singapore GP, and they have both been drawing different reactions from the fans.

Fernando Alonso's helmet (L) Lando Norris with his helmet design (R)
Fernando Alonso's helmet (L) Lando Norris with his helmet design (R)

Fernando Alonso will be using a new helmet design at the Singapore GP. Recently, the Spaniard also swapped helmets with AlphaTauri’s (perhaps soon to be his Alpine replacement) Pierre Gasly. But the helmet that he will be using this weekend has one very noticeable feature and a primary message:

The back of the helmet says: ‘BWT – Change the world – Sip by Sip”. This is the slogan of an initiative by BWT (who manufacture water treatment systems) by the name of b.waterMission whose targets include providing access to safe drinking water to more people, and to this effect, the organization says that 10,000 wells are being constructed in Africa.

The mission is certainly commendable, and Alonso deserves applause for representing it on his helmet design. However, you can’t please everyone, and some just feel that the helmet design isn’t particularly good.

“No, in my opinion, the magic helmet should return to its original colours.”
“It looks like a hybrid between an Ocon helmet and a Fernando helmet. Without any identity.”
“It improves by a lot to the current one but I hope it will return to the usual in 2023.”

On the other hand, the reactions to Lando Norris’ helmet design were definitely more positive.

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Lando Norris seems to have beaten Fernando Alonso’s helmet design

Lando Norris' helmet design received better reactions than Fernando Alonso's design
Lando Norris’ helmet design received better reactions than Fernando Alonso’s design

Lando Norris likes to play video games. Everyone knows that. He even has an eSports team, going by the name of Quadrant, which does have a Halo Esports team. It is from Halo that the British driver has taken inspiration for his next helmet and from the very iconic video game character of ‘Master Chief’.

While generally, the people seemed to like the helmet, there were definitely some amusing reactions stemming from the design as well, including a comparison to a cabbage. Some of them include:

And it seems that Norris has the HALO community behind him this weekend, as confirmed by the official Halo Esports account:

It will certainly be a unique sight to see Lando Norris driving around the streets of Singapore with a ‘Master Chief’ helmet, especially for people who have played the game, and he seems to be receiving quite a bit of support as well.

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