‘One of the most talented drivers ever’: Lando Norris backs Max Verstappen to win a ‘few more’ championships

Lando Norris thinks Max Verstappen has 'done' amazing and thinks he will definitely win his second world championship this year.

Lando Norris, Max Verstappen
Lando Norris, Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen, Charles Leclerc, George Russell and Lando Norris are considered to be the ‘next’ generation of Formula 1 greats, and considered to be potential world champions. As of yet, two drivers have won races, and one has even won a championship and is enroute to a second one – Max Verstappen.

Verstappen is clearly the most proven one, and the one who has driven in F1 for the longest time. He made his debut in 2015, at the tender age of 17. At 25, he is set to be a two-time world champion. Safe to say, right now, he’s so far ahead up the road than his competitiors that there’s no doubt he’s a future great.

It’s not as if the other three are any slouches. While Charles Leclerc has made mistakes, it’s often been Ferrari who are the ones compromising his races. George Russell has been a model of consistency, and Lando Norris is ‘best of the rest’ and has often impressed, especially on Saturdays. But Verstappen still stands tall, and Lando Norris concedes he’s one of the most talented drivers ever.

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Lando Norris: ‘It’s similar to Lewis Hamilton in previous years’

Lando Norris with Max Verstappen
Lando Norris with Max Verstappen

There is a very real chance that Max Verstappen might just take the championship home this weekend, in Singapore. He needs to outscore Charles Leclerc by 22 points for that. So if he wins the race with the fastest lap, and Leclerc finishes P8 or lower, the championship is done. When asked about Verstappen’s season by Sky Sports, Lando Norris said:

“Quite easy. He’s done a pretty good job. Yeah, his season has been easy.” and then added while laughing: “Maybe he should have a go back in our car and see what it’s like.” McLaren have certainly taken a step backwards in 2022, and currently sit fifth in the championship, which isn’t amazing.

But continuing seriously, Lando Norris praised the Red Bull driver for doing a very good job: “He’s done amazing. Very impressive, of course. [It’s] similar to Lewis [Hamilton] in previous years. When you’ve got a car that can deliver and win races, he’s the one taking his opportunity, you know. And he’s beating his teammate everytime.”

Norris continued to praise Verstappen, saying that the Dutchman is always ‘on the limit’. The British driver concluded by saying that Verstappen is ‘one of the most talented drivers to come into Formula 1’ and ‘one of the fastest’ so there is no doubt that he will be winning his second championship this year, and ‘most likely a few more in the future.’

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