Red Bull will be forced to pay upwards of $8 Million to the FIA in order to compete in the 2023 F1 season

Red Bull Racing will pay the highest figure on the grid to participate in Formula 1 this year.

Red Bull will be forced to pay upwards of $8 Million to the FIA in order to compete in the 2023 F1 season

The Red Bull Racing HQ in Milton Keynes

Formula 1 teams and drivers must pay an entry fee to participate in the F1 world championship. This fee includes a base fee for all teams and drivers, alongside extra charges for every point scored in the previous year. Unsurprisingly, Red Bull Racing will be paying the largest amount to the FIA to compete this year as the team dominated the 2022 season.

Red Bull is forced to pay the flat fee of $617,687 for all F1 teams. Additionally, the fee for every point scored by the F1 Constructors’ winner has increased from last year. This year, the Austrian team will have to shell out $7,441 per point rather than $6,926, paid by 2021 champions, Mercedes last year. This brings up the grand total for Christian Horner‘s team to a whopping $6,242,636.


However, assuming Red Bull will also pay the entry fee for both its drivers, this amount increases further. According to reports, drivers will pay a flat fee of $16,236, including an insurance amount of $3,980. Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez will also be charged $2,100 for every point scored in 2022. Subsequently, the driver fees are $969,636 and $656,736 for Verstappen and Perez, respectively.

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Max Verstappen believes the entry fee figures to be “absurd”

Horner and Verstappen are not pleased with the exuberant entry fee sums

Hence, Red Bull Racing will be forced to spend almost $8 Million. This figure is certainly staggering not only to fans but even to Team Principal Christian Horner. Horner expressed his surprise over this amount at the FIA Prize Giving gala last year. The 49-year-old stated, “[I] didn’t realize how much we had to pay the FIA for the points. I got the bill the other day and it was incredible.”


Two-time world champion, Max Verstappen also voiced his opinion about these fees and called them “absurd“. The Dutchman believed the paddock shouldn’t be forced to shell out such amounts to race. He said, “I don’t think it’s right that we have to pay so much.” Additionally, Max also pointed out that such a system is not used in other sports while also mentioning the longer F1 calendar. He stated, “It’s not the case in other sports either. And there are more and more races.”

Thus, Red Bull Racing is unhappy with how FIA mandates teams and drivers to pay millions to compete every season. However, as of now, the sport’s governing body has no plan to alter this system which has been sustained for so long. Although, with the rising tensions between F1 and the FIA, there might be scope for some disagreements regarding this process in the future.

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