“She immediately thought it was an idiotic idea”: Bernie Ecclestone talks about being detained for gun possession

Former F1 Boss Bernie Ecclestone gives an account of last week's incident in Brazil when he got arrested for carrying a semi-automatic pistol while boarding a private jet to Switzerland.

Bernie Ecclestone
Bernie Ecclestone

Only a month back, the entire Formula 1 community was shaken a bit by the news of former F1 Boss Bernie Ecclestone being detained for carrying a gun with his luggage at an airport in Brazil. Bernie and his wife, Fabiana, were set to leave Brazil for Switzerland, where the couple had some engagements to meet with some dignitaries. The detention caused a slight alteration in the schedule of the 91-year-old Briton, but he paid bail and got the free pass to travel to Switzerland after sometime.

The entire incident involving Ecclestone received a lot of scrutiny from people worldwide as the F1 community was shocked to hear that he was arrested by the Brazilian police. Now, Bernie Ecclestone is setting the record straight about what happened at the airport, and also revealed his wife’s reaction to it in a recent interview.

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Bernie Ecclestone sets the record straight about his arrest in Brazil

Bernie Ecclestone
Bernie Ecclestone

The British billionaire spoke to the media extensively about the incident of his arrest, but in a recent interview, he disclosed his wife’s reaction to the strange event. While the F1 fans had thought there would be more to the story, the disappointing fact is that the entire experience was quite comical for the 91-year-old. There was nothing to worry about from Bernie Ecclestone’s point of view and he said that the weapon had not been reported to the authorities because the semi-automatic pistol would never be used.

While speaking on the entire incident, Bernie Ecclestone revealed, “I thought to myself, ‘not a bad idea’ [carrying the pistol]. But Fabiana immediately thought it was an idiotic idea, because any attacker would probably have a much bigger weapon. She could shoot with it, though, and that’s also just legal in Brazil.

Ecclestone describes the situation as quite comical, saying, “It was really just a comedy.

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