“Still too early for team orders,” Ferrari takes a jibe at Red Bull following debatable decision in Spain

Ferrari takes a dig at Red Bull following their team orders at the Spanish GP

Laurent Mekies
Laurent Mekies

Ferrari and Charles Leclerc saw the victory slip right in front of their eyes after the the Monegasque driver faced a power unit issue forcing him to retire out of the race. The Italian Giants had done a terrific job by bringing in subtle upgrades to the F1-75 which almost helped Leclerc to win the race. But it all came tumbling down after the drive complained of having no power ruling him out of the race at that very moment.

But, despite the result, it looked like Ferrari had the edge over Red Bull over the weekend. After Charles Leclerc’s exit, 1-2 was definitely on the cards for Red Bull with Carlos Sainz struggling for pace. After a tussle with George Russell, Sergio Perez took the lead of the race and the fact that Max Verstappen was put on 3 stopper allowed him to undercut Russell to take third position.

We all expected both the Red Bulls to fight it out for the top two positions but what actually happened shocked most people. We saw Red Bull handing out team orders to Sergio Perez to let Max Verstappen through which definitely didn’t go down well with the Mexican as he was refrained to battle it out with his team mate in as early as 6th race of the season.

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Ferrari takes a dig at Red Bull following their team orders at the Spanish GP

Laurent Mekies
Ferrari racing director Laurent Mekies

Ferrari has taken this opportunity to take a jibe at championship rivals by maintaining their earlier statement before qualifying. Laurent Mekies had said, “No, I think it’s very early days for that.”

“I think if you had a look at last year, points difference at the beginning of the season, you could have said the same thing. And in the end, things change.”

“We are pushing a lot to make sure Carlos can adapt, Carlos can get more comfortable. So, it’s race six of 22 races, we are very, very far from having the good problem you are talking about. It is a topic for much later,” as reported by planetf1.

Ferrari, in a way, is right about Red Bull’s team order. Each and everyone would have wanted the two Red Bull drivers to fight it out and Christian Horner might have to look into that.

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