‘The team has always been very agile’ Aston Martin performance director praises the decisiveness that helped them snap up Fernando Alonso

Aston Martin's performance director Tom McCullough opened up with the development of AMR 22 after the poor start of the season.

Fernando Alonso and Aston Martin
Fernando Alonso and Aston Martin

Aston Martin hasn’t really been up to everyone’s expectations with a car that struggles even to be at points. Though the drivers are performing at their best the maximum this team could finish is probably ninth this season. With Sebastian Vettel all set to leave the sport at the end of this season, a champion is being replaced by another champion, and the German’s former rival, Fernando Alonso.

Not much has worked out for the team in 2022, they expected themselves around the midfield, but are nowhere near. But as per the performance Director, Tom McCullough, they are working the best they can to get the car back to its best. With many failed attempts, Aston changed the layout of their car with a B car that looked similar to the Red Bull’s but convicted it to be their plan since the winter break.

McCullough praised his team for the work they have done to improve the car, and the agility in decision-making that helped them snap up Fernando Alonso: “I think the team has always been very agile. It’s been a small race team and, at its core, there are a few key people making the decisions. It’s not a big bureaucratic company.” said Tom as per Motorsport.com.

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Tom McCullough explained the working over the season in the Aston Martin garage

Red Bull and Aston Martin
Red bull (top) and Aston Martin (bottom)

Aston Martin started their season off at a very bad place, probably worse than of the Williams but as the season progressed and the team got more on-site data, they worked their way over the top of it and at least for the drivers some decent race pace. This explained by Tom McCullough was a workload that Aston Martin managed to cover in a very short time.

The British engineer said: “We went back to the data we had, we then started working with that in the wind tunnel again and bang, we brought it to the car as quick as we could do. There was a huge push from the manufacturing and production side to get it to Spain.”

McCullough went on to explain the working over the B-spec car (sarcastically dubbed the ‘Green Red Bull’) launched in Spain and said: “There was a phenomenal amount of work to do that. When it was announced. I didn’t think there was any chance to get two cars there. We had no spares, but we turned up and that was it.”

As per Tom, the AMR22 still is competitive in the low-speed corners, with the next race being Singapore, Aston Martin can definitely have a fighting chance for the points. But it’s unlikely that they will go straight to competing at the top next season, and if that has played a part in Alonso’s decision, time will tell if it lays fruit.

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