Toto Wolff has urged Mercedes to stay ‘humble’ despite matching Ferrari in podium finishes

Toto Wolff has asked Mercedes to not get carried away by the improvement that they showed during the latter stages of the 2022 F1 season.

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Toto Wolff ahead of the second leg of the 2022 F1 season has asked his team to stay humble and not get too excited after managing to match Ferrari in the number of podiums in the first leg of the season.

Mercedes has been on the back foot as compared to Red Bull and Ferrari all season and the problems at the Brackley-based team were at an all-time high during the initial phase of 2022.

The team was massively hampered by proposing but in the last few races before the summer break, the team has shown signs of improvement and is gathering much-needed momentum.

Lewis Hamilton and George Russell have played a massive role in the progression of the team and it is very much evident from the six consecutive podiums that they managed to achieve before the summer break.

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton

Moreover, Mercedes managed double podium finishes in France and Hungary and were also able to attain their maiden pole position of the year in Hungary with George Russell.

Mercedes and Ferrari are both tied on 11 podiums for the season and this has been much down to the reliability issues that the Maranello-based team has faced this season.

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Toto Wolff’s assessment of Mercedes on the first leg of the season

Toto Wolff
Toto Wolff

Toto Wolff has given his thoughts on the Mercedes resurgence and the Austrian said, “I would rather have more wins and fewer podiums.”

We are humble but we are striving for race victories rather than seconds and thirds. If they are on merit then it is a good step forward.”

Ferrari was off their game in recent races and during the Hungarian Grand Prix, they again made a strategic blunder that cost them a potential victory. Moreover, Charles Leclerc ended up sixth.

Wolff was asked to give his thoughts on how Ferrari’s strategies have benefitted Mercedes and he said, “I cannot comment because hitting out on a person is never right.”

I don’t know what the reasons were, why they decided to drop the medium or not utilise the soft at the start of the race but that cost them the victory. Ferrari was fast but just couldn’t materialise.”

Mercedes W13
Mercedes W13

Toto Wolff is well aware that Mercedes is nowhere near Ferrari in terms of raw pace and considering how the season has gone for Ferrari, Mercedes has been a bit lucky.

The second leg of the 2022 season is due to kick off on the 26th of August and it is going to be interesting to see whether Mercedes would be able to keep up its podium finish form in the remaining 9 races of the season.

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