Toto Wolff unapologetic over Las Vegas GP remarks despite receiving warning from FIA

Toto Wolff lashed out on the fans at the Las Vegas GP due to the unwarranted backlash to the FIA.

Toto Wolff unapologetic over Las Vegas GP remarks despite receiving warning from FIA

Toto Wolff (Via IMAGO)

During the Las Vegas GP weekend, Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff faced heated situations following multiple incidents on the first day of the session. The major backlash from the fans aggravated Wolff due to the comments. Hence, he spoke some sentences that he would later regret down the road.


The open manhole incident followed by the Carlos Sainz penalty had brought out a reaction from the Austrian boss. During this fit of rage, Wolff made some comments including the F-word that caused some issues with FIA.

Wolff claimed that he felt provoked after the question from the reporter and commented that he would never learn a lesson from hitting back. The Austrian billionaire added that he punches back whenever he is provoked and claimed that it was something he learned from life.

I will never learn that lesson. When I’m being provoked I punch back, double assault. That’s what I learned from life, unfortunately.
Wolff said, as reported by

The 51-year-old still feels that it was a minor violation but regardless, Wolff commented that everyone in the sport should not forget about the values and regulations against using swear words. However, the Mercedes boss exclaimed that he liked the initiative to trigger the people in the paddock to not use such foul language.

I’m sending this message to everyone in the sport that we shouldn’t forget about our values, and our regulations, and using swearing words is part of that, but maybe this is the smallest one. But I find it good. I really like the initiatives because I hope to trigger [people] to not use the F-word in the media, whoever we are, because we have a responsibility.

Toto Wolff claimed that nobody should use the F-word

After commenting in the heat of the moment, Wolff double-downed on his words and then exclaimed that no one should use the F-word inside or outside the car. However, Wolff did acknowledge the high intensity and adrenaline that runs in the sport and claimed that they are the role models for everyone off the grid.

Toto Wolff.
Toto Wolff (via IMAGO)

Toto Wolff also talked about the warning that Fred Vasseur received and said that it was a good sign if the two bosses could trigger a general change of approach of the stewards and FIA to sanction swearing. Finally, he commented that they should adhere to the rules and the code of conduct of FIA.

The negative comments from the two bosses definitely struck a warning from FIA. However, the bosses need to be more vigilant and watch their words before speaking out in public as these words could sting them back later if they speak something in the heat of the moment. Hence, FIA continues to monitor the actions of the people in the grid closely.

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