Trouble in the Ferrari garage as Carlos Sainz’s car gets repaired for fuel pump leakage ahead of British GP 

Carlos Sainz's Ferrari has shown troubles in its first drive in Silverstone, and the engineers have replaced his chassis as a precautionary measure.

Carlos Sainz
Carlos Sainz

There seems to be a shocking similarity between Carlos Sainz‘s 2022 season of F1 with Ferrari and Daniel Ricciard’s 2018 season of F1 with Red Bull. While both are superbly talented racers who can definitely score some big Championship points if they are given a perfect car with enough race pace and suitable reliability, their performances got horribly hampered by the slew of race retirements that they suffered from, thanks to some mechanical issues with their cars. While Daniel Ricciardo decided to leave Red Bull at the end of his unceremonious year with them, Carlos Sainz is only in his second year at the Scuderia, and he has to perform well in order to keep up with Charles Leclerc, his teammate who is currently third in the WDC Standings.

Carlos Sainz has already suffered three race retirements in the nine races that have taken place in this year till now. While the Spaniard recently celebrated his P2 finish in the Canadian Grand Prix, his retirements in Australia, Imola, and Azerbaijan, have brought him down to the fifth spot of the World Championship standings, behind the two Red Bulls, and Charles Leclerc and George Russell.

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Carlos Sainz’s F1-75 showed problems, the chassis had to be replaced

Carlos Sainz
Carlos Sainz

As Carlos Sainz is hungry for a top three Championship result by the end of this season of Formula 1, he knows he has to step up with his performance very soon or else he might be overtaken by Lewis Hamilton who is currently just behind him at 77 points. But going into the Silverstone Grand Prix, things are not currently looking up for the #55 as his Ferrari F1-75 has already shown signs of malfunctioning.

While the only aim for the Spaniard is to go for a race win in the historic Silverstone Circuit in the upcoming British Grand Prix, his car is still not performing optimally. While Ferrari’s car was touted to be the one to watch out for towards the initial races of this season, over time, their car has started showing huge reliability issues–and that has already robbed Carlos Sainz of many valuable Championship points.

Right after arriving at Silverstone, when Sainz’s Ferrari was revved to a start, the engine showed signs of leakage from the fuel pump. To take precautions against that, the mechanics decided to fit a different chassis onto the F1-75, and this chassis has already been used in some other circuit. As the car seems to be stable now, it remains to be seen if the previously used chassis can give enough speed to Carlos Sainz so that the Spaniard flies to the end and clinches a podium win.

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