WATCH: Charles Leclerc spotted partying at a nightclub with girlfriend Alexandra Mleux after the Abu Dhabi GP

Charles Leclerc went out to party with his girlfriend Alexandra Saint Mleux after the concluding race of the 2023 season at Abu Dhabi.

WATCH: Charles Leclerc spotted partying at a nightclub with girlfriend Alexandra Mleux after the Abu Dhabi GP

Charles Leclerc and Alexandra Saint Mleux partying after Abu Dhabi GP (Screen Shot Via Instagram)

Charles Leclerc’s relationship status has been one of public knowledge for most of his time in the spotlight as an F1 superstar. Up until December 2022, Charles Leclerc had been romantically involved with his longtime girlfriend Charlotte Sine.

However, after mutually agreeing to end the relationship, Leclerc remained non-committed for the start of 2023. This changed at the Monaco Grand Prix when Leclerc publicly revealed that he had begun dating Alexandra Saint Mleux, an influencer and model.


The two have been together since then, appearing at multiple high-profile events together as a couple. Their relationship garnered more of a fan following after the two shared a cute moment in Brazil after the race.

After the Abu Dhabi GP, the two were spotted partying at Yas Marina at a nightclub. The celebrations will mark the beginning of a four-month break from Formula One for the drivers, giving them some relief from the intense training they endure all year round..

Alexandra Saint Mleux, a 21-year-old art student in Paris, has a strong following on TikTok with over 120 thousand followers on the platform. The Italian student was reportedly friends with Leclerc’s ex-girlfriend Charlotte Sine’s sister, though the two have broken ties since.


Charles Leclerc’s last-ditch attempts in Ferrari P2 bid

Charles Leclerc drove a desperate race at the Yas Marina Circuit on Sunday, aiming to snatch P2 in the Constructors’ Championship from Mercedes. The Monegasque driver was running in second ahead of Sergio Perez in third and George Russell right behind him, with Lewis Hamilton running ninth.

Charles Leclerc and Fred Vasseur
Charles Leclerc and Fred Vasseur (via IMAGO)

Leclerc needed Russell to remain in fourth place and Hamilton in ninth to secure P2 in the Championship. Previous erratic behavior with Lando Norris meant Perez had a five-second penalty, which would mean Russell would be promoted to third and lose Ferrari the fight. To prevent this, Leclerc let Perez by to help the Mexican finish P3 and assist Ferrari with it. However, Leclerc did not hold back Russell any more than needed, losing Perez P3 and Ferrari P2 in the championship.

Sergio Perez claimed that Leclerc could have held Russell back to give the Mexican the place, but Ferrari TP Fred Vasseur disagreed. Vasseur argued that it would be hard to maintain a gap of only a few hundredths behind Russell already but to ensure Perez would be between Leclerc and Russell after the penalty would be very difficult.

You have also to be sure that Perez is in between you and Russell. If you want to block Russell, it’s a matter of hundreds of seconds. I’m not a big fan of this.
We did our best in a fair way when we let Perez go, to give him the DRS, to try to help us, but too much would have been too much.
Fred Vasseur said, as reported by

Charles Leclerc did finish P2 though, which helped him rocket up the standings to finish the year in P5, two positions ahead of his teammate and level on points with Fernando Alonso. Leclerc suffered a drop from last year in the standings, after finishing the 2022 season as runner-up. 

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