“You cannot change the regulations” : Mattia Binotto blasts the FIA for controversial TD

Ferrari Team Principal Mattia Binotto bashes the FIA for issuing a controversial technical directive ahead of the Canadian Grand Prix.

Mattia Binotto

Formula 1 is always broiling with controversies and the newest topic of discussion is the technical directive that was issued by the FIA ahead of the Canadian Grand Prix regarding the porpoising issue that has been plaguing all the F1 teams ever since the start of this season. During the Azerbaijan GP, Lewis Hamilton endured extensive spinal pain due to the continues bouncing of his Mercedes W13.

Following Lewis’ incident, the Stuttgart-based team became vocal about the porpoising problem, urging the FIA to take immediate steps to curb it. Then, the FIA said they would look into matters regarding porpoising and get rid of it as soon as they could. While other teams protested that getting rid of the porpoising would give Mercedes an unfair advantage over the teams who toiled to find a solution to porpoising, the FIA issued a technical directive which said that they would get rid of porpoising fast.

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Mattia Binotto speaks against the FIA for allegedly favoring Mercedes with their ruling against porpoising

Mattia Binotto speaks against the FIA
Mattia Binotto

When the drivers protested against the existing aerodynamic regulations which caused severe back pain for many of the racers due to the porpoising phenomenon, the FIA issued a technical directive which they claimed would act “in the interests of safety”.

The Formula 1 authoritative body said the TD would help in making “the necessary adjustments to reduce or to eliminate” porpoising altogether. However, it did not sit well with the teams when they found that Mercedes had already added a second stay to their W13, as the TD recommended, before any other manufacturer could even react to the sudden announcement.

But Mercedes eventually had to remove the new part as there were protests since the the addition of a new part required some regulation changes. While talking about the entire fiasco surrounding the TD, Ferrari Team Principal Mattia Binotto said, “On the TD, our position is that it is not applicable, and it is something we mentioned to the FIA.

He continued, “The reason it is not applicable is that a TD is there to clarify regulations or to address policing but it is not there to change the regulations. You cannot change the regulations through a TD.

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