Yuki Tsunoda claims VCARB wants to challenge Max Verstappen and Red Bull in the long run

VisaCashAppRB brought about major changes to the team with the main goal of resonating more with sister squad Red Bull Racing.

Yuki Tsunoda claims VCARB wants to challenge Max Verstappen and Red Bull in the long run

Yuki Tsunoda [L] Max Verstappen [R] (images via IMAGO).

The 2024 F1 season will present a lot of changes to VisaCashAppRB (previously AlphaTauri) on the grid. The main goal of the team’s rebranding was to resonate more with sister team Red Bull. Hence, Yuki Tsunoda has laid out his plans to challenge Red Bull, especially Max Verstappen in the coming seasons.

Tsunoda asserted that VCARB’s goal wasn’t just to finish in the top 10 in the coming seasons, but to fight and challenge the front-runners Red Bull and Max Verstappen. Additionally, the Japanese recalled the team’s rollercoaster of a season in 2023 where the team saw multiple driver changes mid-season and the mediocre 2022 performance and displayed his discontent with the entire season.

As a goal we don’t just want to be in the top 10, but we hope that at some point in the future we will also be able to fight against Red Bull. We weren’t entirely happy with what we were able to achieve in the last two years.
Tsunoda told motorsport.com.

However, Tsunoda wasn’t hesitant in accepting the fact that the team managed to score somewhat good results, keeping in mind the major changes mid-season. However, the early-season challenges were present in the team and did not help the Japanese driver to score a comfortable finish down the season. Anyhow, this entire process was very necessary to challenge Red Bull and Verstappen according to the 23-year-old. The Italian team has even poached key personnel from rival squads.

Last year we managed to grow in the second half of the season, but in the first part we struggled a lot, we expected better performances. Already from 2022 we wanted to make progress, we wanted better results. I think we needed this process.

Red Bull’s stronger ties with VCARB could bring in better results for the Faenza-based team

VCARB has finalized the changes to the team that they will continue the 2024 season with. Hence, the team is preparing for the challenges in the coming season with major changes to Faenza. Amidst this, Tsunoda highlighted that the Red Bull collaboration would provide the team with great opportunities to score good results down the season.

The VCARB01 (Via @VisaCashAppRB/X)

Additionally, the 23-year-old recalled the dominating performance from Milton Keynes and Verstappen and explained his contentment with the collaboration. However, the sport limits how much information and parts two teams can share and hence this would also ensure that VCARB maintains its uniqueness despite the increasing ties with Red Bull Racing.


The 2024 season is just under a month away from the first race. Hence the teams are meticulously preparing for performing at their finest down the season. VCARB’s changes would be exciting for the fans as well as the drivers as the team finalizes multiple changes over a long time.

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