Judgment Day member highlights his massive role in stopping Dominik Mysterio from being interested in Liv Morgan

Finn Balor is the force keeping Liv Morgan and Dominik Mysterio apart.

Judgment Day member highlights his massive role in stopping Dominik Mysterio from being interested in Liv Morgan

Finn Balor is keeping Dominik Mysterio and Liv Morgan apart (via WWE)

Liv Morgan‘s obsession with Dominik Mysterio has continued to grow over the past week. As the Latino superstar found himself in a bit of a vulnerable situation, fellow Judgment Day member Finn Balor stepped in to help him out.

The Irishman recently made a hilarious post on his X account, editing a popular meme template. In the photo, a man labeled Dirty Dom can be seen compellingly approaching a woman labeled Liv. However, another man, labeled Finn Balor, stops him from going toward her. He tagged the two superstars in the post and used the emoji of a person gesturing negatively.

The latest episode of Raw featured a segment between the Women’s World Champion and her love interest. She made advancements and seductive gestures towards the Hall of Famer’s son and claimed that he only came down to the ring the previous week to get closer to her. However, Balor came down to the ring to prevent anything further from happening.

The former Universal Champion asked Morgan to back away. She reluctantly agreed and left the ring, but not before stroking Mysterio’s hair. Even after the show went off the air, The Demon continued to express his disapproval on social media.

Bully Ray believes Dominik Mysterio, Finn Balor and Judgment Day will eventually cave into Liv Morgan

Speaking on the Busted Open Radio, Bully Ray was happy with the storyline he had witnessed so far. However, he believed that the resistance was simply a waste of effort. The broody faction would eventually drop their guard and allow Morgan into their group.

Finn Balor Dominik Mysterio Liv Morgan
Dominik Mysterio, Liv Morgan, and Finn Balor (via WWE)

The Hall of Famer said that Dominik Mysterio was trying to resist and be good for his Mami. However, Morgan would penetrate her way into the group using her ‘womanly ways’ to persuade them. The ECW legend believed that the company needed to build towards a climactic moment featuring Rhea Ripley‘s return.

The faction could perhaps plan the coronation of Liv Morgan as leader of The Judgment Day. Something strong like this would be too much for Ripley to resist coming back. Her return to take on the Queen of Extreme for her title and her family would be like catching lightning in a bottle.

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