Lionel Messi’s House: Where does the Argentine live?

Lionel Messi’s House: Where does the Argentine live?

Lionel Messi House

Lionel Messi is arguably the greatest ever male athlete in the history of sports. Being just one win away from ending the GOAT debate, let us look at where Lionel Messi resides and how many houses does he own. The 35-year-old Argentine lives in a two-story property, containing four bedrooms and a small garden, in the posh area of Neuilly-Sur-Seine in Paris.

Given that the 7-time Ballon D’Or winner had to adjust to a new life in France, both Messi and Antonela Roccuzzo rented this extremely luxurious mansion, which spreads over 300 square meters. Construction of this magnitude is surely a great luxury in a place like Paris which even made Messi and his wife waive their desire to own an indoor swimming pool.


The iconic No. 10 pays 20,000 Euros per month as rent, considering the luxurious location and size. However as per El Futbolero, when the owner of the same mansion got to know about the added interest of the Argentine soccer star, he significantly increased the rent of the mansion by 10,000 euros.

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Lionel Messi House: What other properties does the 7-time Ballon D’Or winner own?

Given the tenure of his contract, the Messi household only thought of a viable option to rent a beautiful mansion as such. However, Lionel might not own the mentioned property in Paris, but he is known for making some high-end purchases.


For starters, Lionel Messi owns an apartment in Rosaria (Aqualina Building) with 40 floors. To be precise, that is no ordinary purchase – the 35-year-old striker did not buy a single apartment but the entire floor to enjoy privacy with his family. The cost of the same apartment, which includes a VIP bar, and a swimming pool (acquired in 2018) was labeled to be around $1 million dollars.

Moreover, in Italy, the greatest-ever Barcelona striker owns not one but six homes. The most elite of which is a mansion in Como Lombardy. What’s better? It is located near the Ceresio River, one of the most valued locations for its natural beauty and elegance.

If we are done talking about Lionel Messi’s House, then hold onto your hats for another of his high-class purchases. He owns a hotel – The MiM Stiges, which has a dynamic view of the Mediterranean Sea, contains 77 rooms and is spread over 300 square meters.


That being said, no purchase list of Lionel Messi is complete without the special mention of his home in Barcelona which is shaped just like a football. It Is valued at more than 40 million euros.

Lionel Messi House in Barcelona

The former Barcelona legend will go head to head against his current home nation France to win the coveted golden trophy on 18th December. The win could establish him as the greatest player in football.

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