La Liga rejects Barcelona’s bid to register star midfielder Gavi

La Liga rejected Barcelona's registration bid to list Gavi as first team player due to financial restrictions

La Liga rejects Barcelona’s bid to register star midfielder Gavi

Gavi during Barcelona match. Image via Gavi's Instagram page.

Pablo Martin Paez Gavira, famously known as Gavi, has been one of the critical players of Spanish Giants Barcelona this season. Despite the midfielder’s involvement in Barcelona’s league success, he is still not registered as a Barcelona first-team player in La Liga.


Spanish outlet Marca reported that Barcelona was confident in their bid for approval of Gavi into the first team registration, which La Liga surprisingly rejected. This means that Gavi is technically still an academy player of Barcelona even after signing a contract with Barcelona in September.

According to La Liga FFP, Barcelona cannot sign any new contracts due to their low margin in the wage bill set by La Liga. Even after Dutch star Memphis Depay left Barcelona, due to similar reasons, they are still not eligible for the FFP criteria for the wage bill.

Barcelona’s early exit from the Champions League resulted in a negative balance, due to which La Liga rejected the registration of Gavi into the first-team list. This means that Gavi has to continue with his old number 30 jersey, as he is not eligible to acquire the iconic no 6 jersey, which was reportedly being handed to him.


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Joan Laporta appeals to La Liga FFP to increase financial flexibility to list Gavi as a first-team player

President Joan Laporta and Pablo Gavi during their contract renewal.

Barcelona’s President called upon the financial regulations of La Liga after they could not sign star midfielder Gavi as a first-team player. President Joan Laporta claimed that the board and some other clubs had requested La Liga to ease the financial restrictions so they could strengthen their teams.

“We, and some other La Liga clubs, are also trying to convince the league to be more flexible and allow us other types of interpretations that can help Barcelona strengthen even more,” Laporta informed back in November.

 “It is more flexible in the Premier League than in Spain, and this does not make much sense to me.” The Barcelona President added. Barcelona tried to gain some financial flexibility last summer, by unloading some players from their squad. Barcelona thought this would free space to fulfill their contracts and signings, which hasn’t proved as effective as they thought.


While Barcelona continues its struggle with strict financial regulations, the 2022 Golden Boy will have to continue to play in the old number 30 jersey, until La Liga finalizes his registration.

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