Manchester City and Premier League AGREE on trial date amid 115 alleged breaches

The verdict would possibly be announced by the beginning of 2025.

Manchester City and Premier League AGREE on trial date amid 115 alleged breaches

Manchester City's Etihad Stadium ahead of a Premier League game (via The Independent)

Manchester City are set to face trial in an ongoing investigation for 115 alleged breaches in the Premier League’s financial rules and regulations. The date for the trial has been scheduled for the late autumn of 2024, as City faces a potential risk of a points deduction.

Premier League authorities and Manchester City might have agreed on a date at which they will put forward their arguments in front of an independent panel regarding the club’s 115 alleged financial breaches. It will be regarded as the biggest hearing in Premier League history. Man City were charged with the breaches in February 2023, after an investigation was conducted by the authorities for almost 5 years, since 2018.


City boss Pep Guardiola now must have a new headache, as the club faces the risk of points deduction and relegation from the Premier League if found guilty of the charges. The allegations on City include those of falsified financial reporting and minimal cooperation, as well as of making arbitrary player purchases against the Financial Fair Play rules. The Sky Blues have been accused of wrongdoings since the 2009-10 season.

City’s fears of a potential deduction have increased since another Premier League side, Everton, were charged with breaching financial rules. But, so far the Etihad-owned-City side have denied any wrongdoings.

Manchester City’s worries increase as Everton handed 10-point deduction

Manchester City authorities have been left worried after Everton was handed a 10-point deduction for breaching Premier League financial rules and UEFA Financial Fair Play (FFP) rules. Following the deduction, Everton moved into the relegation zone with only 4 points in their bag.

Everton were handed a 10-point deduction, which pushed into relegation zone
Everton were handed a 10-point deduction, pushing them into the relegation zone (via Sky Sports)

Everton got in trouble with the Premier League for breaking financial rules. They lost £124 million in 3 years, exceeding the £105 million limit. The investigation discovered questionable transfer practices aimed at avoiding relegation.

Now, Chelsea and Manchester City are under similar scrutiny for financial breaches. Chelsea faces charges from the Roman Abramovic era and both clubs risk points deduction and relegation.

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