Shakira hired a private detective to investigate Gerard Pique’s infidelity: Reports

It was the detective who supposedly exposed Pique's images with Clara Chia Marti to Shakira.

Shakira hired a private detective to investigate Gerard Pique’s infidelity: Reports

Shakira and Gerard Pique

According to newly found rumors, Shakira had hired a private detective to find out about the infidelity of her long-term partner, Gerard Pique. The former Barcelona star allegedly cheated on her with a 23-year-old PR student, Clara Chia Marti. 

A story that has been making the rounds on the internet since the start of the saga is that the “Hips Don’t Lie” songstress found it suspicious when she returned from her tour to the US and found her jar of jam half empty. The flavor of the jam was, according to reports, liked by none apart from the Columbian. Sources close to the matter claim that she hired a private detective to get to the bottom of the case. 

It is now being reported that it was the detective who exposed the 36-year-old defender. During a trip when Pique was out of town for 17 days, the detective collected photographs of the ex-Barca star and his lady love, Clara Chia Marti. Shakira even suggested couples’ counseling, but it was Pique who denied it. 

Shakira vs. Gerard Pique: In a Nutshell

The pair decided to get separated soon after, but despite their split, the bitterness was soon out for the world to see. Earlier this year, Shakira dropped a bombshell of a song with BZRP, calling out the father of her two kids for choosing a “Casio” over a “Rolex” and swapping a “Ferrari” for a “Twingo.” Pique was also not going to go down with a fight. The Spanish World Champion was spotted arriving in a Twingo soon after and donning a Casio. 

Pique and Shakira during their early years. (Credits: Twitter)

The Latina is gearing up for a second number, this time, in collaboration with Karol G, another pop star from Columbia. There were strong rumors that the duo will release their song on Shakira’s birthday, which incidentally is also the birthday of her ex-boyfriend.

However, Sony Music later clarified that it will not be releasing any music on the day as it wants to build the hype. The collaboration with BZRP has reached the top of multiple charts and broken many records which persuaded the record label to hold on to their next piece and time it for maximum effect. 

Shakira has not been sitting idle in the meantime. There are reports of her new series of merch named sweatshirt of shame” that are ready to drop. Shakira also had a star-studded birthday party which was attended by ex-Barcelona player and Argentine legend Lionel Messi. Messi has spent a major chunk of his glorious years in Barcelona with Pique at the back. 

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