Shakira leaves cheeky hints of dating NBA Star Jimmy Butler on Instagram

Shakira was seen attending HEAT's games as many suspect that they are already dating.

Shakira leaves cheeky hints of dating NBA Star Jimmy Butler on Instagram

Shakira drops hint of NBA star Jimmy Butler (Image Via- Google)

The Colombian popstar Shakira has allegedly dropped hints of dating NBA star Jimmy Butler. Shakira hasn’t stopped being showered with suitors since her split from Gerard Pique. The Colombian singer is constantly being linked to new relationships, especially since she decided to move to Miami with her sons Milan and Sasha.

After shifting to USA, Shakira has been seen surfing, enjoying the Florida sun with Gisele Bundchen, and going to Formula 1 in the company of Tom Cruise. She has also been seen going yachting with Lewis Hamilton and watching the NBA Eastern Conference Finals between the Miami Heat and the Boston Celtics.


In one of these matches of these games, both the Colombian pop star and the NBA star were seen together. Although there are no photos of the two together, Shakira has left a hint that she might be interested in the Miami Heat star. Even though Shakira didn’t confirm or deny anything, on Tuesday she reportedly played a game of misdirection with a post on Instagram. In it, she made a play on words with the Heat that has sparked rumors of a romance between them.

While she took advantage of the success of her latest track, Shakira has contributed to these rumors by sharing a story on social media. She formed an acrostic with the terms “Heroic, Extraordinary, Awesome, and Team“, which make up the word HEAT.

While talking about her latest song, Shakira said, “This is my acrostic for today”. Shakira’s message may refer exclusively to Miami’s recent win in the Conference Finals. Butler was one of the best players in that match. Or it may hide a more mysterious and special message.


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The Colombian pop star shocks the world with the acoustic version of her latest song

Shakira shocks  the fans with acoustic version of her latest song Acrostica
Shakira shocks the fans with the acoustic version of her latest song Acrostica (Image Via- Google)

Shakira surprised her fans by posting a video of her playing an acoustic version. On May 15, Shakira released her official music video for Acróstico”.

There was a bit of controversy regarding the video “Acróstico” as she included her two children in it, whom she had with her ex-husband Gerard Piqué. Piqué said he wasn’t aware of the decision to include the kids in the video and is considering taking legal action.


The video itself is a beautiful tribute to her two children, Sasha and Milan, who participate in the song as well. They smiled while singing and playing piano. Now, Shakira has surprised the world by posting another version of the song. This time, she sings an acoustic version, but just the chorus and just as beautiful in its simpler version.

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