WATCH: Gerard Pique is forced to do Barcelona training while listening to Shakira’s song

Watch Gerard Pique warming up on a Shakira song, which was earlier dedicated to him by the singer.

Shakira and Gerard Pique
Shakira and Gerard Pique

After the burning issue of the separation between the Barcelona star Gerard Pique and the Colombian singer and performer Shakira, recently the media is having a good time and the netizens as well having a good laugh about the fact is the defender has to do warm-up while they play the Colombian’s song ‘Te Felicito’.

The word ‘Te Felicito’ means ‘I congratulate you for acting well’ which is the song that was reportedly initially dedicated to the Barcelona star, the whole Barca team was seen warning up to the Colombian’s song, and it’s quite obvious that it can not be the wish of the Barca defender to warm-up on that song, knowing all about it.

The fans across the globe are having a laugh about it saying that the player finally heard the lyrics himself after being targeted by the singer. The song mentions the defender as unfaithful and someone who doesn’t care about his loved ones, acting throughout.

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Gerard Pique-Shakira: The life after the breakup

Gerard Pique-Shakira at their sons's baseball match.
Gerard Pique-Shakira at their sons’ baseball match.

The famous couple recently broke up on a very harsh note, after the singer claimed that he has cheated on her. After nearly 12 years of living together they have finally separated ways, but on a bad note, since that, the player has been followed everywhere by the media spreading false news in distortions of the image.

For people who believe in true love, the hopes, the dreams, the loyalty one deserved and expected were all shattered, but the fake news that is coming from right next to them will harm everyone’s hope in love and finally establish a bad and irresponsible image of the star player.

The ex-couple must be given the right amount of privacy they need in these tough times and must be sympathetic towards them, regardless of the fake news and images that are published to tarnish their image and make a laugh out of their misery full life now.

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