‘Disrespectful what happened at Silverstone,’ Max Verstappen takes dig at Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes’ poorly timed celebration

Find out what Max Verstappen had to say about the painfully memories after Lewis Hamilton's "dangerous" driving forcer him to crash at Silver Stone

Max Verstappen
Lewis Hamilton wins 2021 British GP following Max Verstappen's crash

The 2021 season saw Red Bull’s Max Verstappen securing his Maiden world title after a season long intense battle against Mercedes’s 7 times world champion Lewis Hamilton who dominated the turbo-hybrid car era. The dramatic season finisher didn’t lack controversies though as the unlapping decision from race director Michael Masi played the major role in title decider as it provided Max Verstappen with the much-needed advantage to secure a victory over race leader Lewis Hamilton.

The intense title dual among the rivals saw both of them tacking each other out of the race in multiple racing incidents. The one at the British GP being the major among the clashes where Lewis Hamilton, who was predominantly to blame for, was accused of “dangerous, disrespectful and unsportsmanlike behavior” by Max Verstappen.

Max Verstappen, the 2021 International racing driver of the year,  has once again expressed his opinion on the incident in a interview with The Guardian recollecting the incident and pain that followed.

Find out what  Max Verstappen had to say about  Silverstone crash which was followed by a Lewis Hamilton win

Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton
Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton

Max Verstappen says the crash was the most painful incident he had in his career and pointed out the pain especially he had in his neck, back and shoulders. Max Verstappen went on say even though he is tough enough to take some hit he don’t find it good for his body or mind to be part of an impact like that. Max Verstappen added that he took four days off after the incident abstaining himself from TV and simulators to  give his mind rest.

It was the most painful one of all. It was tough points-wise but literally, it was very painful. My neck, my back, my shoulders. I’m quite tough and I can take quite a hit but it’s not good for your body or your brain to have an impact like that. I got home and for four days I was not watching TV or doing any sim [simulated virtual reality] racing because your brain has to rest,” Max Verstappen said.

When asked about did the Mercedes celebration of Lewis Hamilton win in British GP following their crash motivated the team to make a come back Max Verstappen responded that it haven’t. Max Verstappen added though it was  disrespectful action from Mercedes, Red Bull was more focused on what to improve in the future. Max Verstappen said  the attitude turned out to be fruitful as they were able to win races in the Q2 where they don’t usually succeed.

No, I don’t think we work like that. It’s disrespectful what happened there but we looked at what we could have done better. Once we came back from the break as a team, we really did a good job because we won races in the second half of the season we shouldn’t have won,” says Max Verstappen.

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