“He pushes it to the limit and probably beyond,” Lewis Hamilton critical of Max Verstappen’s aggressive driving in 2021 F1 season

Lewis Hamilton says Max Verstappen drives like a "Bully" in the latest edition of Formula One's Drive to Survive. He says he "fights fair" compared to his rival.

Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton
Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton

The fourth edition of the Drive to Survive is set on the 2021 Formula One season recaps one of the most dramatic title fights in the history of the sport. The season is widely anticipated by fans as the 2021 season saw one of the tightest title fights in recent F1 history.

Lewis Hamilton shared an epic rivalry in one of the closest title rivalries. The Briton was on course to win his 8th World Championship title but lost out to Max Verstappen of Red Bull. Hamilton and Verstappen’s rivalry has been the highlight of the season and Drive to Survive has carefully curated some epic moments from the last season.

Episodes 9 and 10 cover the final few races of the season leading up to the epic season finale in Abu Dhabi. And the 7-time World champion chose his words carefully to describe the rivalry he shared with Verstappen.

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Lewis Hamilton says Max Verstappen drives like a “Bully”

Hamilton Verstappen clash
Hamilton and Verstappen clash

Red Bull driver Max Verstappen clinched his first Formula One Drivers Championship title in 2021. The Dutchman won the title after an epic duel with Lewis Hamilton whom he overtook in the last lap of the last race in Abu Dhabi to claim his maiden title.

Hamilton shared in the episode “I think Max is aggressive as hell and more often than not, he pushes it to the limit and beyond. I’ve raced against a lot of drivers – there are always bullies but that’s not how I operate. I just try and beat them on the track. Max is do or die. Either you crash or you don’t get past him. I think he pushes it to the limit and beyond.”

He added “I think he pushes people to the limit and probably beyond. I like to think I fight hard and fair. I don’t have a track record of crashing with people.” Hamilton and Verstappen touched wheels during the track on multiple occasions but the crash in Monza and Silverstone made headlines in the F1 community.

Max Verstappen has not shared his opinions as the Dutchman feels the show has over-dramatised the events on track. The Dutchman’s absence from the series won’t be long felt as the two drivers will resume their on-track rivalry on March 18 when the 2022 season begins with the Bahrain Grand Prix.

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