“I think it’s important to know what is being transmitted,” Christian Horner in favor of bringing back the FIA to team radio

Christian Horner believes it's imperative for the fans to hear what's being transmitted between the pit wall and race control

Christian Horner with Michael Masi
Christian Horner with Michael Masi

Red Bull and Christian Horner did something last year which seemed impossible for most teams in the paddock. Nobody expected Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton to be beaten after the kind of season they had in 2020. Max Verstappen decided to put on a show for his loyal orange army and win his maiden title in the last race of the season in Abu Dhabi.

Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton had no answers for the mesmeric brilliance of this aggressive Dutchman. But this title was tainted with a hint of controversy which happened in the last race of the season. Lewis Hamilton looked set to win the race and in turn the championship. But, Nicholas Latifi’s crash just before the end of the race brought in the safety car. Then Michael Masi took a controversial call.

The then race director decided to let certain selective cars to pass the safety car giving Max Verstappen an opportunity to have a clear go at Lewis Hamilton. But while Michael Masi was taking this decision both Christian Horner and Toto Wolff kept pressuring the race director to give a decision in their favor which didn’t make the decision any easier. After the controversy, FIA decided to not make this conversation public from the next season.

Christian Horner believes it’s imperative for the fans to hear what’s being transmitted between the pit wall and race control

Christian Horner
Christian Horner

But Christian Horner hasn’t been in favor of the decision. He recently said, “I think it’s important that still broadcast because I think it’s important to know and understand what is being transmitted between the pit wall and race control.”

“I think the team manager certainly should retain that ability to speak to race control. Getting the team principals off is, I think, probably a good thing because it does keep the dialogue just between, the team managers and the organisers.”

FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem fired back. He said, “I think it was used as entertainment for the fans, but actually it has its downside. The Race Director and the whole Race Control was just bombarded by unnecessary [messages] and everybody was complaining.” As reported by wtf1.

Of, course the messages were a source of entertainment for the fans but the priority should be making the right decision, so that nothing of that sort happens again. FIA needs to retain the authenticity as an organization if it wants to build on the foundation it built last year.

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