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‘No Mikey! No!’: Max Verstappen mocks Toto Wolff after crashing out of sim race

Max Verstappen the 2021 Formula1 world champion has recently mocked Mercedes Team Principal Toto Wolff.

Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen the 2021 Formula1 champion has recently fired shots towards the Mercedes Team Principal Toto Wolff. It has recently come out that during a virtual sim race Max Verstappen mocked Toto Wolff after his teammate crashed out.

It has been stated in formula1news that Max Verstappen has made fun of the antics that Toto Wolff pulled during the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix of the 2021 Formula1 season.

Max Verstappen

Lewis Hamilton was on course to win his record-breaking eighth world title during the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and it was only after Nicholas Latifi’s crash that Max was able to get back in the race. Moreover, Micheal Masi’s controversial decision-making helped Max Verstappen’s cause further and ultimately Max was able to snatch the world title away from Lewis Hamilton on the last lap of the race.

Toto Wolff

Reacting to Masi’s decision to allow the lapped cars between Hamilton and Verstappen to un-lap themselves, Wolff got on the radio to describe the move as “so not right” and exclaimed “No, Michael! No!”

Max made fun of Toto during a recent virtual event he was competing in.

Max Verstappen jokingly mentions Toto Wolff

Max Verstappen

When one of his teammates crashed out of the virtual race he jokingly said that he will complain to Masi. While talking about his teammate’s crash Max said “So instead of losing the spot [position], he just shunts you out of the way. I will report it to Michael Masi.”

Toto Wolff

He then mockingly shouted “No, Mikey! No!” as a reference to Wolff’s outburst in Abu Dhabi during the 2021 Formula1 season.

It is believed that Lewis Hamilton is considering retirement before the start of the 2022 Formula1 season, however, Lewis Hamilton is yet to come out with a statement regarding this whole situation. Over the last 15 days, many people in the Formula1 community have given their opinions regarding the Lewis Hamilton situation.

Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen

However, Max Verstappen has said that he would like Lewis Hamilton to continue in Formula1 and not retire because of the disappointment of last season. The first testing of the 2022 season is just a month away and it is expected that Lewis is going to make a final decision before that.

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