‘Really a superstar,’ Colin Kolles admits on being a huge fan of Max Verstappen

Read more to know how Colin Kolles found potential in Max Verstappen during his Formula 3 days.

Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen at the 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix
Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen at the 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Ever since Max Verstappen debuted in 2015 at Toro Rosso, former Red Bull sister team, he has been regarded as one of the greatest young motorsport talents. He proved his worth by putting in all the hark-work and efforts to win the World Championship title in 2021 after beating seven-time World-champion, Lewis Hamilton.

Colin Kolles, former Romanian-German team principal and managing director of Hispania Racing F1 team, who previously had held similar position among various other team between the years 2005-2008 has observed the incredible skills Max uses while driving.

According to an interview, Kolles admitted on being a big fan of Max Verstappen’s. He admits on seeing the young lad’s talent way before in Formula 3 days. “He showed immediately that he was on the ball,” said Kolles. Kolles then goes on comparing Max with the seven-time World Champion, Lewis Hamilton, who when given a car, could be fast right away.

Given any circumstance, the driver has proven to showcase his talent past the checkered flag to the podium many times in his career now. He was very professional and worked hard.”, said Kolles while remembering the Formula 3 days. Kolles wanted to added Sebastian Vettel’s name also to the list but “he is maybe past his prime now.”

Is Max Verstappen a driver or a superstar?

Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen

Helmut Kolles met Max Verstappen at Formula One when he was brought straight from Formula three by Helmut Marko who found the same passion and talent in the Max as Helmut did. In 2015, Kolles was in contact with the Red bull advisor at that time. He is a superboy and that he is incredible. I said to Marko, ‘I know he’s incredible’.”

In total, Max Verstappen, Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton have won 12 World titles, with Verstappen try to appear at the beginning of his career and Kolles is confident in Max Verstappen and his performance as he did see the same potential in Lewis and Vettel during their rookie years. “You can tell if a driver is just really good or really a superstar,” he said.

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