‘Lewis Hamilton was robbed and Masi should be fired,’ F1 engineers want Max Verstappen to be stripped off 2021 title

Max Verstappen seems calm and focused while there has been no statement from race director Michael Masi

Max Verstappen Michael Masi and Lewis Hamilton
Max Verstappen Michael Masi and Lewis Hamilton

Shocking claims have emerged which have revealed that F1 engineers want Max Verstappen to stripped off of his title and also in turn Michael Masi. Last year was Red Bull’s year in the driver’s championship and came close to securing the constructors’ championship.

But there has been an ongoing debate as to who should have won the race after what happened in Abu Dhabi when the safety car did not allow Lewis Hamilton to win the eight championships and create history in the process.

Lewis Hamilton was in control of the race from beginning to almost the end. But it was a case of so close, yet so far for the former champion as Nicholas Latifi crashed just five laps from the end. Safety car was deployed.

At that time there were five cars between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen. Verstappen, after the crash changed his tyres while Lewis was on the track to keep track position on his older set.

That’s when race director Michael Masi took a controversial decision of letting only those five cars unlap themselves instead of all the cars which is the usual norm which has gone down to tarnish the reputation of Michael Masi and the FIA.

The decision was challenged by Mercedes but it was shrugged off by the stewards.

Max Verstappen seems calm and focused while there has been no statement from race director Michael Masi


Now, outspoken co-founder and CEO of Rich Energy William Storey has revealed he recently met with a number of Formula One engineers.”

And, now, he’s claimed he met with F1 engineers on Saturday night – who apparently want Verstappen stripped of the title and Masi fired.

Dinner with some F1 engineers this eve. All admit Lewis Hamilton was robbed & Masi should be fired & decision reversed,” Storey mentioned on Twitter.

Verstappen was recently asked about the FIA, with the F1 chiefs currently looking into what unfolded in the Middle East.

Yet he’s insisted he’s not concerned about the matter, saying: “Yeah, but they can’t do anything,” as reported by express.co.uk

This ongoing saga keeps taking a turn every now and then will major developments happening throughout this period. There have been no official statement from FIA since the incident but we all would like the authority to take charge of the situation and clear the air before it tarnishes its image of the authority and the sport.

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