Twitter flares up as Brandel Chamblee blasts Lee Westwood for “sportswashing”

A thread of conversations on Twitter saw a lot of ‘mess and fuss’ being created around the LIV Golf Tour which also mulled analyst Brandel Chamblee and Lee Westwood in calling out each other.


The LIV Golf tour has been caught up in conjecture following a journalist’s death in Saudi Consulate. The Saudi- backed multimillion-dollar golf format is being linked to its sponsors and their ignorance of human rights issues.

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Following this, the golf analyst Brandel Chamblee uploaded a list of highly paid golf stars and blamed them to lace their pockets for turning a blind eye to the atrocities. Westwood has engaged with Eddie Pepperell, Gordon Armstrong, and now Brandel. It appears that Bradel has managed to rile up Westwood while he has already been sued by Patrick Reed in a defamation case.


Lee Westwood is‘ poorly compensated’ but one of highest paid athletes at LIV

Lee Westwood
Lee Westwood

Brandel had posted a listing of the highest-paid athletes, which included golfers in most top spaces. The analyst called out LIV for its inaccuracy in the propaganda that the best golfers are poorly compensated. The paradox seemed fairly supported by evidence but drew ample of drama, which also caught Westwood’s attention.

‘Misleading as usual’ wrote Lee and we cannot fathom the burning and bashing that followed. Chamblee wrote that it seemed misleading to Lee since it didn’t fit his agenda. He referred to the money from IV Golf Tour as a sport washing paid to turn a blind eye to atrocities.

While Lee turned to sarcasm towards the analyst in his reply the whole hustle got fans involved in a PGA vs LIV debate yet again. As futile of a rollercoaster as this seems, this does bring some promising questions to light for the opinionated fans. The unraveling of the analysis and Lee’s crackdown has played out as vexed as it sounds for a decent sport.

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