“I am a human being” – LIV golf chief Greg Norman says he turns weak as friends desert him amidst war with PGA

Greg Norman said he has lost a lot of friends since he started heading LIV golf.

Greg Norman, Credits: IMAGO/ Icon Sportswire
Greg Norman, Credits: IMAGO/ Icon Sportswire

LIV Golf chairman Greg Norman has revealed that there are times when he feels really bad over affected relationships between him and his golfing friends since he started heading the rebel Saudi-backed league.

“To be honest with you, at times, my heat shield gets a little weak,” Norman told TV host Piers Morgan on his show. “I am a human being. I’ve done a lot for the game of golf. I was the No 1 player in the world for six years. I’ve done things for the game, I’ve promoted the game, I’ve grown it. So when they do these things…,” Norman explained.

Former golfer Greg Norman said he hates it when people get pressurized by others and start seeing things differently, especially when LIV golf had a good business going which could be good for the sport.

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Greg Norman implores everyone to see the ‘business side of things’

Greg Norman, Credits: IMAGO/ Icon Sportswire
Greg Norman, Credits: IMAGO/ Icon Sportswire

“My moral line is I believe in the product. My moral line is I’ve been a staunch promoter of growing the game of golf on a global basis. My moral line is golf is the force for good,” the Australian golfer-turned-entrepreneur said.

“It is so resonatingly powerful to see the strength of what the game of golf can do in different countries around the world, to change the economy of things, to change the hospitality, to change tourism… all these little ingredients that golf is the initial reason why you could change these,” he added.

“I am so proud to be in this role… Maybe my legacy on the golf course is not my legacy, maybe my legacy is what we’re doing with LIV for the game of golf and giving this opportunity to collegiate players, eventually to women and to the guys we have today and our product is speaking for itself,” Norman concluded by saying.

In the same interview, Norman also slammed Northern Irish golfer Rory McIlroy by calling him a “hypocrite” saying he should respect other players’ choices, especially when he himself left the European Tour to play the PGA Tour for more money.

“You have the right to make your decision. Remember, Rory started on the European tour. Then Rory decided to leave the European tour to go play where all the money is, where I went to play, to the PGA Tour,” Norman told Morgan.

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