PGA defector Lee Westwood SWEARS to never rejoin DP World Tour following £800,000 unpaid LIV Golf fine

Lee Westwood refuses to rejoin DP World Tour following a hefty unpaid LIV Golf fine. Richard Bland is also one of the players who was fined by DP World Tour and is yet to pay back the said amount.

PGA defector Lee Westwood SWEARS to never rejoin DP World Tour following £800,000 unpaid LIV Golf fine

Lee Westwood ( Image via Bunkered )

In a stunning turn of events, renowned golfer Lee Westwood has made a firm and resolute decision never to return to the DP World Tour, even amidst the merger with Saudi-backed LIV Golf. Fans were taken aback when the $40 million net worth professional golfer declared his stance on DP World Tour on social media.

This determination comes as he faced a ban from this year’s Senior Open Championship at Royal Porthcawl, stemming from his failure to settle fines exceeding £800,000. Despite the tour’s eagerness to restore his membership, Westwood remains steadfast, opting to forge his own path according to Telegraph.

The DP World Tour CEO, determined to assert authority and hold the rebels accountable, has demanded that all outstanding fines be paid before granting the rebels access to their playing privileges and eligibility for future events such as the prestigious Ryder Cup.

Additionally, it is worth noting that Richard Bland, another prominent golfer, has also faced the consequences of unpaid fines. Bland, who has been embroiled in a similar situation as Westwood, found himself fined for non-payment of dues.

Although the details of Bland’s case differ from Westwood’s, the parallel circumstances further emphasize the contentious relationship between certain players and the DP World Tour. As the tour grapples with the fallout from these high-profile defections, questions regarding the enforcement and fairness of fines continue to loom large.

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Lee Westwood takes a stand on future DP World Tour participation despite controversial merger

Lee Westwood
Lee Westwood ( Image via The Boston Globe )

For Lee Westwood, this translates to an additional £830,000, adding to the £100,000 he has already paid. However, he staunchly maintains, “I have resigned my membership and have no intention of rejoining.”

This decision has dealt a significant blow to the Senior Open Championship at Royal Porthcawl. Particularly Westwood, who celebrated his 50th birthday just weeks ago, had been preparing to make his debut in the esteemed veteran ranks.

His absence from the competition means missing out on the opportunity to face off against esteemed counterparts like Darren Clarke, the defending champion of the senior major and a former Ryder Cup ally.

Receiving the news of his exclusion from the tournament, Westwood expressed surprise, given that the major competitions had, for the most part, refrained from involvement in the LIV Golf controversy, allowing eligible rebels to participate.

The letter he received outlined the “committee’s decision” to remove him from the entry list while assuring him of an immediate refund of his entry fee. It also urged Westwood to settle his outstanding fines and reapply before the deadline, set for July 6, to reclaim his spot.

However, it is clear that Westwood remains resolute, with no intention of complying. He has made it clear that he will continue to pursue his career on the LIV circuit, regardless of the form it takes, as well as on the Asian Tour.

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