Jay Monahan sternly states peace talk with LIV is “not in the cards”

Can LIV Golf and the PGA Tour live peacefully around each other? Not according to Jay Monahan

PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan
PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan

Jay Monahan has no chill, or as they say – isn’t going to let LIV Golf breathe freely for a moment or two. The controversies between the two poles of golf are increasing by the day and have no intention of stopping anytime soon. What effect this will have on the sport and more importantly the players is yet to be seen.

The commissioner for the PGA Tour was as livid as he has been ever since LIV burst onto the scene. The LIV Golf players were suspended from playing in the Presidents Cup 2022 as it’s sanctioned by the PGA. Both parties have sued each other too in order to make the other’s life difficult.

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There’s nothing that Jay Monahan can offer LIV Golf

Jay Monahan on LIV Golf
Jay Monahan on LIV Golf

Jay Monohan was asked in an interview with ESPN that – “Some players have said that the Tour and LIV need to come together. What is your opinion?” He seemed to be very clear on this line as he responded in a stern manner that – “Well, I think words and actions are important.”

“I think it’s impractical when you look at the fact that certain players have sued the PGA Tour, their employer has sued the PGA Tour. It’s not in the cards. It hasn’t been in the cards, and it’s not in the cards. I think we’ve been pretty consistent on that front.” Jay Monahan gave crystal clear signals that LIV Golf and the PGA Tour can’t exist on the same plane.

On being asked about what lies ahead for both the franchises, Jay Monahan gave a very subtle reply implying that he’s focused on making the PGA Tour better. “The answer to that is they’ve gone down their path and I think we have been pretty consistent that we’re going down ours, and I don’t see that happening. Haven’t, and I don’t.”

LIV Golf and the PGA fighting their court cases – courtesy of each other. Jay Monahan hinted about some of the things that he’s sticking to in order to get players to stay. LIV has been poaching PGA’s players all along through their attractive financial setup.

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