Xander Schauffele DEFENDS his father’s comments regarding pay for Ryder Cup players, claims words were ‘twisted’ and ‘skewed’

Xander Schauffele has come into the defence of his father and claimed his words regarding the pay of golfers were misinterpreted by the media.

Xander Schauffele DEFENDS his father’s comments regarding pay for Ryder Cup players, claims words were ‘twisted’ and ‘skewed’

Xander Schauffele (Pic Credit: Imago)

The 2023 Ryder Cup saw Team Europe dominate the proceedings from start to end. This enabled them to walk away with the trophy as they defeated their rivals Team USA. The visitors had a tough week which was filled with many controversial off-field topics. One of them was the point made by Xander Schauffele‘s father regarding the pay at the tournament. The golfer has now defended the words of his father.


Unlike regular golf events, players do not receive any sort of money from appearing at the Ryder Cup. This seemed to have become an issue that further led to the “HatGate” controversy. As per reports which were later debunked by him, Patrick Cantlay was seen to be annoyed with not getting any money and thus refused to sport a cap.

Stefan Schauffele is not only just the father of Xander but also his coach. “I think if the PGA of America is a for-profit organization, they need to have the players share in that profit,” senior Schauffele said while adding they (PGA), “Should reveal the numbers.”

The 29-year-old golfer who is now taking part in the Zozo Championship, was asked about this in the press conference. The seven-time PGA Tour winner then tried to clarify the words used by his father.


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Xander Schauffele’s stands firms with his father while offering clarification

The way Team USA lost while performing at the Ryder Cup was always going to be talked about. Was there an actual rift in the locker room between the players regarding the pay? While Xander Schauffele did not answer that, he claimed that the words of his father were “twisted’ and “tweaked” by the media.

Xander Schauffele
Xander Schauffele (Pic Credit: PGA Tour)

The golfer revealed he was not super fired on learning that he (his father) was speaking to the press. “I wasn’t super fired up that he was speaking to media just because I know how things get twisted,” he said. He further added, “When I look back on what he said, I think the headlines sort of skewed obviously what he was trying to say.” Check out his full answer from the tweet shared by Golf Magic below:

Schauffele finished the 2023 Ryder Cup event with a 1-3-0 record while earning a point in the losing cause. There is no doubt that this point will be discussed even further after this comment from him. He will though he hoping to put this aside and have a great performance this week at the Zozo Championship, another fall event of the PGA Tour.


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