GXR eSports unveils their PUBG Mobile and BGMI rosters

The latest eSports organization to announce their PUBGM and BGMI rosters are GXR eSports. Read the article to know more.

GXR eSports unveils their PUBG Mobile and BGMI rosters
GXR eSports

Since a modest amount of time is left for the launch of BGMI India Series 2021 & PUBG Mobile Fall Split, eSports organizations are making sure to sign their rosters. The latest eSports organization to reveal their PUBG Mobile & BGMI rosters were Galaxy Racer (GXR).

Krafton had extended the registration dates for BGMI India Series 2021 which is the first eSports tournament of BGMI hosted by Krafton as the number of teams registered for the tournament didn’t live up to their expectations. This came as a relief to those organizations who were not able to decide which players to choose for the tournament that can be worthy representative of their organization. Along with this tournament, PUBG Mobile Fall Split is going to commence soon which compelled prominent eSports organizations to sign up their rosters.

Galaxy Racer eSports BGMI roster

GXR eSports unveils their PUBG Mobile and BGMI rosters
BGMI roster

Galaxy Racer is a UAE-based Esports organization. The organization is spread across a diverse international roster of 10 teams and has professionals from 22 countries. The organization has rosters for a variety of online video games such as CS:GO, League of Legends, PUBG Mobile, Fortnite,Free Fire, Dota 2 & COD: Mobile. It decided to make an entry in BGMI by signing their former PUBGM roster in India.

Their BGMI roster includes:

  • Owais (Mohammed Owais Lakhani)
  • MaxKasH (Aakash Anandani)
  • Ultron (Hemanth Sethi)
  • MJ (Harshit Mahajan)
  • RoXX (Yogesh Yadav)

These players were a part of PUBG Mobile roster for GXR eSports where they manifested a standard performance throughout different tournaments. The team gained the 8th position in PMPL Arabia Season 1. Owais’ in-game leadership skills and unique strategy has been appreciated several times.

Having 2 deadly assaulters such as Ultron & MaxKash already makes this team fearsome. Along with that, MJ or Harshit Mahajan has been delivering promising results in the scrims so he’ll be a player to watch out for in the upcoming tournament. Roxx’s support skills makes this team perfectly balanced.

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Galaxy Racer eSports PUBG Mobile roster

GXR eSports unveils their PUBG Mobile and BGMI rosters
PUBGM roster

The PUBG Mobile roster for Middle East Region includes the following players:

  1. RAOUF (Raouf Abdellah)
  2. HixYE ( Maad Ali Akshar)
  3. FREAK (Reshar Dawid)
  4. LORD (Muslim Ahmed Jawad)
  5. Hamody (Mohammed Qasim)

All of these players were former roster of Gunz eSports which is a Lebanese PUBG Mobile team. The roster looks quite promising with star-studded players who had secured the PUBG Mobile Pro League – Season 1 2021: Arabia Regular Season.

The team also represented Iraq in the recent tournament of PUBG Mobile- PUBG Mobile World Invitational: West, where they managed to bag the 9th position. Even though these players do not hold much experience of competitive gameplay, they display phenomenal performance after entering the battlegrounds.

Players are anxiously waiting for both the tournaments to commence so that they can watch their favorite players back in action!

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