Jalen Hurts gives a half-hearted response and shows reluctance while addressing a question about HC Nick Sirianni

Hurts appeared to be frustrated with his head coach and had nothing much positive to speak about him.

Jalen Hurts gives a half-hearted response and shows reluctance while addressing a question about HC Nick Sirianni

Nick Sirianni and Jalen Hurts (via IMAGO)

The Philadelphia Eagles are likely to go down as one of the most stacked teams offensively that are likely to underperform. Last season, despite starting off the season with a 10-1 record, as the final weeks of the year came around, the team choked. The Eagles ended their year with a 1-5 record and a shocking blowout loss in the Wildcard Round to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

A lot of things went wrong in the locker room of the Philadelphia Eagles. Rumors of rifts between Jalen Hurts and head coach Nick Sirianni and rumors of A.J. Brown being a polarizing figure in the locker room surfaced and added fuel to the fire about the reason for the team’s decline. A recent interview of Jalen Hurts on NBC Sports may have just confirmed rumors of Jalen Hurts’ rift with Nick Sirianni.

Hurts called in and was being interviewed when he was asked to address the positive aspects of Nick Sirianni. The quarterback’s answer gave a lot away,

I mean, it's a great question, I don't know the answer to it...I think he's been great and you know them messages he's delivering to the team, he's trying to be intentional in what he's saying and yeah.
Jalen Hurts said

There were a lot of pauses taken by the quarterback while answering this question. From the sound of it, he seemed very reluctant and uncomfortable answering that question.

Jalen Hurts is frustrated over the lack of support from his head coach

Think of it this way, if you were asked to point out the positives in a person whom you genuinely respected, you’d be able to answer quickly, there would be 0 thinking involved. Hurts outright said, he doesn’t know. That is a matter of concern and is enough to speculate that his relationship with Nick Sirianni is strained.

Jalen Hurts
Jalen Hurts (via IMAGO)

Ernie The Cowboys Fan, revealed via X that Hurts has a personal vendetta against Sirianni after the head coach demeaned him at training camp last year. The head coach allegedly cussed the quarterback out after a play and proceeded to make him do push-ups in front of the entire team and the media. That did not sit well with him.

As the season progressed, Hurts had a big problem when it came to turnovers. He ended the year with 20 turnovers and on numerous occasions, his own receiver core began to turn against him. An incident wherein A.J. Brown cussed him out after failing to throw a complete pass and another incident wherein tight end Dallas Goedert flipped the quarterback off created tension between them. In the midst of this, Nick Sirianni did not do enough to show his faith and belief in Hurts.

These reasons have ultimately caused a strain in their relationship. This is a major red flag for a team that has had one of the most successful off-seasons in the NFL. The Eagles have a stacked offense and defense, however, if there exists tension between the head coach and the quarterback, none of that matters. This year is crucial for Philly to show that its trip to the Super Bowl was not a fluke. It will also be Nick Sirianni’s last chance to show that he is worthy of being the head coach of this team.

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