Colts’ owner Jim Irsay disputes speculation of ‘overdose’, reassures fans about stability of the franchise

Irsay cited a leg injury to be the cause of his health issues.

Colts’ owner Jim Irsay disputes speculation of ‘overdose’, reassures fans about stability of the franchise

Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay (Image via Imago)

Jim Irsay gave fans a major scare a few months ago after reports of him being rushed to the hospital surfaced. It was revealed that the owner of the Indianapolis Colts was found unresponsive at his home and initially all the fingers pointed towards a drug overdose. However, Irsay, who has remained silent on the topic so far, has now broken his silence and revealed what went down.


Jim Irsay, in a detailed interview with FOX59/CBS4’s Mike Chappell, revealed that his health issues did not include an overdose.

It wasn't an overdose. I don't know why when you have your name in the paper in the past, people throw that out there quickly. I don't pay attention to it all that much, but I don't think it's fair.
Jim Irsay said on Monday

He denied reports of an overdose and explained that his recent injury treatment was for a back or leg injury that required him to stay under medical supervision at the hospital for a few days.

Jim Irsay will not be present in the Indianapolis Colts draft room

Irsay further stated that despite his health woes, he has not compromised upon his duties as the owner of the Indianapolis Colts. He let the team’s fanbase know there is no cause for concern.


I want to let fans and Colts Nation know that I’m in good shape and…I have my hands on the reins (of the franchise) in a strong way.

Jim Irsay said

However, owing to his latest medical situation, Irsay’s mobility has been impacted.

Jim Irsay
Jim Irsay (Via Imago)

As a result, the owner will be unable to physically be present in the Colts’ draft room. But that will not be an issue because he will be present through video conferencing or on call.

I could go to the draft room. It's just that in sitting and talking with the doctors and Chris and Shane, it doesn't serve a real purpose for me. There's a virtual reality where I can literally be in the draft room and Chris is behind me and Shane is in front of me. I could be in there...I plan on calling the No.1 guy.
Irsay clarified

Jim Irsay has continued to stay in touch with head coach Shane Steichen and general manager Chris Ballard. The team will emphasize upon drafting wide receivers this draft. The goal is to bring aboard more weapons to support Anthony Richardson on offense.


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