“I was going to win it just to spite Tony,”- Released WWE star thanks Tony Khan for making title match with Seth Rollins more interesting after their online beef

Former WWE Champion Jinder Mahal claims that his Twitter battle with Tony Khan made his World Championship match against Seth Rollins more interesting.

“I was going to win it just to spite Tony,”- Released WWE star thanks Tony Khan for making title match with Seth Rollins more interesting after their online beef

Tony Khan and Seth Rollins (Image via AEW & WWE)

Before being shockingly released from WWE, Jinder Mahal was involved in a few big segments. The 37-year-old had a segment with the Rock on Day 1 and was seen battling Seth Rollins for his World Heavyweight Championship. However, this championship match seemed to cause some controversy, especially after the involvement of AEW owner Tony Khan.


On the Chris Van Vliet podcast, the former WWE Champion spoke about the AEW President’s tweets. The Modern Day Maharaja said he came to know about the tweets after receiving a text from Drew McIntyre. He thanked the AEW CEO for the tweet and thought it made his match with the Architect even more interesting.

The recently released superstar also recollected that several people thought he would win the championship match just to spite Tony Khan. He was quite surprised at how so many people were sticking up for him. Something like this had never happened before for the Maharaja.

"I think I had just done cardio and Drew [McIntyre] had texted me, and I got like a bunch of texts in a row and I was like I got to see this and I opened up Twitter and that's when I saw. Thank you, Tony, you made that match with Seth more interesting. More people watched it. People actually thought I was gonna win it just to spite Tony. I was surprised everybody stuck up for me."
Jinder Mahal on CVV Insight

The Head of Creative at AEW made his thoughts known when Jinder Mahal was announced as a challenger for the World Heavyweight Championship. Khan compared it to his company, where Hook was set to take on the AEW Champion Samoa Joe.


He added that AEW had faced a lot of criticism for portraying the FTW champion as a world title contender. However, there was no backlash when somebody like Mahal, who hadn’t won a single match in over a year, was getting a world title shot. In response, the Maharaja made a simple tweet, saying, “Who tf is Hook?”

Tony Khan is interested in signing WWE stars and other free agents

American pro wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer recently revealed that Tony Khan and AEW were still looking to sign more talent. This included multiple free agents and huge WWE stars whose contracts were about to expire. Meltzer was unsure if they would be able to get anybody, but they were definitely looking.

Tony Khan
Tony Khan (Image via AEW)

The journalist added that while the company has already made huge investments in wrestlers like Will Ospreay, Kazuchika Okada, and Mercedes Mone, it is still always looking for more talent to expand its roster. 

The first name most people thought of was Finn Balor, whose contract recently expired. However, the Demon recently announced on X that he had re-signed with the WWE. Other WWE stars, like Drew McIntyre, Seth Rollins, and Becky Lynch, all have their contracts expire this year. Whether AEW can get their hands on any of these signees remains to be seen.


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