Minecraft Turtle: Spawn, breeding, uses and more!

Minecraft Turtles are one of the cutest mobs in the game and they have three stages of growth. Here are all the facts about the mob in Minecraft.

Minecraft Turtle
Minecraft Turtle: All you need to know!
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Minecraft has many passive and neutral mob in its Overworld that may be there to be a attraction or come in handy for the players. In this article we discuss Minecraft Turtle and all their features.

The number of mobs in Minecraft is varied and vast, containing aerial, water or ground mobs. Some of them are hostile but many are passive or neutral and give the players many raw materials and more to create food, clothes and even other items.

Down below are the Minecraft Turtles and a detailed look at their behaviour, uses and more.

Minecraft Turtle

Minecraft Turtle
Minecraft Turtle

The Turtle is a commonly found passive mob in Minecraft who are found in ocean biome and on the sandy beaches.

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They generally spawn on the sand in Overworld in beaches. But they cannot spawn in snowy or stony beaches. They can spawn in groups of 0-5 turtles. 10% of them are spawned as baby turtles.


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Turtles are completely passive in their behaviour and do not attack any mobs. They move slowly on land but swim faster in water. When beached, they try to return to the nearest water source. The turtle have 3 stages of life those being:

  • Eggs
  • Baby Turtles
  • Adult Turtles

However, Turtles have a lot of natural enemies who try to harm them and their eggs. These are:

  • Zombies (All variants)
  • Zombified Piglins
  • Blaze
  • Skeletons (All variants)
  • Star cats, ocelots, wolfs an foxes
  • Zoglins
  • Jhonny Vindicators
  • Withers
  • Ravager


Minecraft Turtle
Minecraft Turtle

Minecraft Turtles can be made to breed with seagrass which makes them enter love mode. This makes another Turtle pregnant and it starts to move towards the beach it had spawned in. Turtles inherently remember the beach it has spawned in and will move towards it once ready to give birth.

This can be changed by shifting the eggs, with a Silk Touch Pickaxe and moving it to a different beach.

After reaching the beach, the Turtles lay eggs in groups of 4 on sand or red sand. Eggs are very fragile and can break with hand or if living creatures walk on it. The eggs will eventually hatch by cracking bit by bit.

After hatching, Baby Turtles are spawned and are the smallest mobs in the game. Players can feed it seagrass to make them grow faster.


Minecraft Turtle
Minecraft Turtle Eggs
  • When killed, Turtles will drop 0-2 Seagrass.
  • They may drop one Bowl if killed by lightning.
  • They drop 1-3 EXP orbs.
  • Baby Turtles will drop 1 Scute when they transforms into an Adult Turtle.

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