Albert Pujols and Justin Verlander are rolling back the clock – “COMEBACK is always greater than the setback”

Age is just a number for Pujols and Verlander and they proved it with their stellar performance

Albert Pujols and Justin Verlander
Albert Pujols and Justin Verlander

Albert Pujols (St. Louis Cardinals) of the National League and Justin Verlander (Houston Astros) in the American League are set to receive the 2022 Comeback Player of the Year Award. MLB is all set to declare the winners and the award is designated to the players in each of the leagues who perform well in the season against the odds.

Who doesn’t loves a comeback to be honest? Justin Verlander missed the 2021 season entirely owing to his Tommy John surgery. Similarly, Pujols too, after being released by the Angels in the middle of 2021 was in a difficult place, finding it hard to play up to his potential.

Pujols (42), and Verlander at the age of 39 are in the twilight years of their playing careers but are giving the younger players a run for their money.

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Albert Pujols and Justin Verlander rolling back the clock

Albert Pujols and Justin Verlander
Albert Pujols and Justin Verlander

Verlander coming off his rehab after a gruesome injury was 18-4 in the World Series, with an ERA of 1.75 (best in MLB) that too with a K/BB ratio of 6.38. Verlander just won the AL Cy Young Award for the third time in his everlasting career. Currently, he is the hottest property on the free agent market.

When it comes to Albert Pujols, he too isn’t far behind in enjoying his resurgence. The 2022 season came bearing fruits for Pujols who finished the season with numbers: .270/.345/.550 with a total of 24 home runs from 307 innings at bat. These stats will surely take some special talent to beat.

Performing like they are in their early 20s, both Verlander and Pujols have definitely set a benchmark for future generations. They have set the tone that the ‘will to perform’ is the only thing that matters; the rest of all just comes as it is.

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