Ex-UFC star Jake Shields praises political commentator Alex Jones for ‘scientifically proven’ gay water theory 

Retired fighter Jake Shields praised Alex Jones for exposing the truth about the feminization of the frogs and wants his detractors to apologize.

Ex-UFC star Jake Shields praises political commentator Alex Jones for ‘scientifically proven’ gay water theory 

Jake Shields praised Alex Jones on Twitter (Image Courtesy - Getty Images/Instagram)

Former Strikeforce champion Jake Shields continues to run rampant on Twitter by attacking the detractors of the famous Alex Jones. The mainstream media describes Alex Jones as a far-right and alt-right personality and a conspiracy nut. In the 2010s, Jones said that an Atrazine herbicide made Frogs gay. However, everyone mocked him despite Jones citing Dr. Tyrone Hayes, who researched the feminization of the frogs.


Jake Shields went on Twitter to mock the detractors of Jones. According to Shields, Jones was right all along. He did not cite the study proving the factual claims of Jones about gay frogs. However, in his tweet, there were no left-wing or liberal people who challenged Shields’s tweet. He wrote, “Remember when Alex Jones was relentlessly mocked for saying Atrazine in the Water was turning frogs gay? Now that this has been scientifically proven have any of the people who mocked him apologized?”

Alex Jones has appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience multiple times. He is widely known for passionately narrating various conspiracies. He is a political commentator that delves into various conspiracy theories. Even Rogan enjoys the theories that Jones brings to the podcast. However, the mainstream media have labeled Jones a conspiracy nut and tried to defame him at every opportunity. If what Shields wrote on Twitter appears to be true, the detractors of Jones must apologize for their mockery.

Since Elon Musk took over Twitter recently, Shields has used the platform to attack woke ideology and liberal policies. He has gained a massive following due to championing conservative and right-wing talking points on his Twitter following. However, people on the left have constantly attacked him for some of his insensitive tweets.


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Jake Shields trashes the mainstream media for uncalled criticism of Alex Jones

Jake Shields
Jake Shields (Image Courtesy – MMA Underground)

The mainstream media and left-wing content creators always use their platforms to attack Alex Jones. Nevertheless, some of Jones’s claims have become true. Retired MMA fighter Jake Shields went on Twitter to question mainstream media’s credibility for defaming Alex Jones.

Shields wrote, “Alex Jones was right about chemicals in the water turning the frogs gay. He was right about intelligence agencies running blackmail pedophilia rings. He was right about the elites who run the world worshiping the demon god Moloch. What else was he right about?

Jones has appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience multiple times and entertained the fans with his unique takes on various historical events. The Stockton-based fighter claimed Jones has a better track record than some mainstream media outlets. It ponders whether Jones is right about many of his so-called conspiracy theories.


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