“I don’t fight, I shoot instead” – Legendary fighter Frank Mir’s MERCILESS street fight approach has fans fearing for opponents

Former UFC champion Frank Mir discusses the difficulty of street fights, when there are no regulations to protect you.

“I don’t fight, I shoot instead” – Legendary fighter Frank Mir’s MERCILESS street fight approach has fans fearing for opponents

Frank Mir talks about rules of street fight (via Combat Press/MMA Underground)

Frank Mir, a seasoned MMA veteran with an amazing resume, has recently gained recognition for his brutal style in street fights. Mir discussed the nuances of street fights in a video that gained online attention. He showcased his depth of knowledge beyond the regulated environment of the MMA cage.


Mir’s comments illuminate the tactical factors and probable outcomes of street fighting. In a video uploaded to MMA Mania, Frank Mir talked about how street bouts differs greatly from regulated fighting. He emphasized that the rules of tapping and letting go did not apply in the street.  This is what he had to say:

Even if i break your arm with an Armbar, there is no tapping in a street fight. I’m just breaking your arm so you have one less arm so i can choke you unconscious.
Frank Mir via MMA Mania on X

Mir’s comments about street fighting resonate with the fact that it can go wrong instantly. The objective of the fight remains to end it as quickly as possible, which can prove fatal sometimes. His take on street fighting provides an insight into the mind of a professional when no rules are involved.

Frank Mir’s choice to offer his thoughts on street brawls adds to the continuing discussion regarding self-defense and personal safety. As an experienced figure in the MMA scene, his ideas add to a larger discussion regarding the practical aspects of martial arts training.


Fight fans react to Frank Mir’s assessment of street fighting

Former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir stirred interest and debate by getting into the issue of street attacks. A video of Mir outlining the complexities and issues of uncontrolled fights went viral, eliciting a wide spectrum of views from MMA fans.

Fight fans react to Frank Mir's assessment about street fighting
Fight fans react to Frank Mir’s assessment about street fighting (via MMA Fighting)

The initial wave of reactions to Mir’s street fight speech was a mix of interest and thoughtfulness. Hearing him express the strategic considerations and probable implications of real-world altercations piqued the interest of many fans. Some praised Mir, now retired MMA fighter, for presenting intelligent ideas on self-defense. Others voiced reservations about discussing fights on the streets, citing ethical problems. Here are some of the reactions from fight fans:

Frank Mir’s discussion on street fights sparked an ongoing debate within the MMA world. Fight fans continue to have meaningful discussions on the larger uses of martial arts knowledge and self-defense techniques.

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