TRIGGER WARNING: ‘That kid could’ve died’ – MMA-style fight on football pitch leads to kid collapsing in seizure

An intense fight incorporating MMA techniques leads to a young player suffering a seizure, highlighting the dangers of unregulated combat.

TRIGGER WARNING: ‘That kid could’ve died’ – MMA-style fight on football pitch leads to kid collapsing in seizure

Street Fight at Football practice (Image via: X/Fight Haven)

Popular X account Fight Haven uploaded yet another street fight video. This time, a youth football practice turned into a tragic scene when a fight broke out on the pitch. The MMA-style street fight caused a young player to suffer a seizure.


In the fight, the kid leg kicked the other kid and tried to take him down. However, he was unable to do so. Moreover, a winging right hook from the other kid knocked him down. The kid immediately went down. On the ground, the kid collapsed and had a seizure. Another kid nearby tried to stop the kid from biting his tongue.

The altercation started as a dispute that rapidly intensified. The fight adopted MMA-like tactics. Leg kicks, takedown attempts, and looping punches used in the fight by the two participants were MMA moves. Moreover, the power of the right hook was similar to the power of the left hook of Alex Pereira. Pereira is one of the most devastating punchers in the UFC.

Alex Pereira came to prominence at Glory Kickboxing, where he was a double champion. He is also in the Hall of Fame of Glory Kickboxing. Moreover, he is 2-0 against Israel Adesanya in kickboxing. Furthermore, he is also a double champion in the UFC. He won the middleweight title at UFC 281 against Israel Adesanya. However, he lost the rematch at UFC 287. Recently, he won the vacant light heavyweight championship at UFC 295.


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Social media community alarmed by violence in youth football practice

A local youth football practice escalated into an MMA-style fight. It caused a young player to have a seizure. Moreover, it has elicited strong reactions from fans and the sports community. It has sparked discussions about violence in sports and young athletes’ safety.

Street fight seizure
Street fight caused seizure (Image via: X/Fight Haven)

Responses from fans on social media varied from concern to outrage. See how the social media community reacted to the video.

Fans have expressed shock and dismay at the violent incident. Many raised concerns about insufficient supervision. Moreover, fans criticized the failure to prevent the altercation from escalating.


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