WATCH: Manchester United legend learns Leon Edwards’ ICONIC title-winning finisher kick

Rio Ferdinand interviewed Leon Edwards ahead of his bout with Colby Covington. Leon demonstrated his iconic head kick against Kamaru Usman to him.

WATCH: Manchester United legend learns Leon Edwards’ ICONIC title-winning finisher kick

Leon Edwards taught Rio Ferdinand his iconic leg kick that earned him the title (via X)

Leon Edwards faces Colby Covington in UFC 296 this December. Ahead of the fight, he was interviewed by the football legend Rio Ferdinand. He currently works for TNT Sports and covers Leon Edwards at his fight camp. Ferdinand was a fan of combat sports, and he had earlier attempted to compete in professional boxing. ‘Rocky’ showed his iconic move to Ferdinand during their meeting.


Leon Edwards delivered one of the most stunning knockouts in the history of UFC title fights. In UFC 278, ‘Rocky’ landed a left high kick flush on Kamaru Usman to grab the welterweight title. Now, he taught Rio Ferdinand the move and explained the details of it. Later, he also demonstrated the move to him for clear understanding. Ferdinand was awestruck by the demonstration and was excited to try it himself.

Combining a cross and a follow-through with the rear leg is an age-old combo. However, it rose to prominence when Leon Edwards executed it perfectly on a world stage. Edwards instructed Rio Ferdinand about how the cross served as a deceiving tool to let the opponent parry it so the head was open for the kick. He also taught him about the pivot movement of the lead left and the placement of the kick.

Leon Edwards currently is on an eleven-fight win streak if you dismiss the no-contest bout with Belal Muhammad. He rematched Kamaru Usman for his first title defense and comfortably beat him on the scorecards. Now, he will face Colby Covington for his second title defense in UFC 296.


Leon Edwards vows to shut up Colby Covington in his interview with Rio Ferdinand

Leon Edwards was prepping for his second title defense at the Renegade Gym in Britain. During his training, former football veteran and MMA enthusiast Rio Ferdinand interviewed ‘Rocky.’ It was a casual interaction between two great personalities. Ferdinand trained alongside the welterweight champion and learned a few MMA techniques from him. Also, they had a good conversation about Edwards’ upcoming bout.

Leon Edwards plans to shut up Colby Covington in UFC 296
Leon Edwards plans to shut up Colby Covington in UFC 296 (Via X/ UFC)

Colby Covington put on his fight persona almost every time a camera was in front of him. As such, he ran his mouth over Leon Edwards a few times. Now, ‘Rocky’ vowed to shut him up in their fight. Further, he dismissed Covington’s resume and cardio as he stated that he fought fighters past their prime. Here is what he said:

Everyone is saying his cardio and that he can keep the pace for the full fight, but I believe they're judging that on fights where he's fought over-the-hill guys like Robbie Lawler, Jorge Masvidal, Tyron Woodley...I'm excited to go out there and shut him up. He's a good talker so I'm going to go out there, shut him up and continue my reign.
Leon Edwards via TNT Sports

Leon Edwards won the welterweight title against Kamaru Usman in UFC 278. Also, he won their rematch, marking Edwards’ first title defense. On the other hand, Colby Covington previously fought Jorge Masvidal in 2022 and had been inactive for a while. However, they both face head-on in a few days to decide the welterweight king.

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