WATCH: When ace referee Marc Goddard got into scuffle with fighter for choking opponent too long

Referee Marc Goddard was involved in a physical altercation against fighter Ahmad Al Darmaki when the fighter refused to follow his instructions.

WATCH: When ace referee Marc Goddard got into scuffle with fighter for choking opponent too long

Referee Marc Goddard in an altercation with a fighter (Image Sources - Gulf News/MMA Fighting)

Mixed martial arts is known to be a violent sport. Fighters from all around the world enter a closed cage and fight each other. In certain bouts, fighters tend to lose their lives. Contenders are often seen being respectful toward each other in their fights after brutal warfare. However, in certain instances, fighters get overconfident and act arrogant in a victory. These forms of a conceited display by contenders may also anger the referees who are responsible for the fighter’s safety in the cage.


Veteran referee Marc Goddard is a well-known MMA personality who has been involved in the sport for decades. He is a highly respected referee in the sport and is also passionate about fighter safety in the arena. For that reason, when mixed martial artist Ahmad Al Darmaki did not follow his command, Goddard was enraged.

The UAE Warriors 12 held in 2020 was a successful event. However, the event met with backlash when fighter Ahmad Al Darmaki failed to follow referee Marc Goddard’s instructions. Throughout the fight, Darmaki was dominant and was able to submit his opponent in the first round. In spite of his opponent tapping out from a rear naked choke, the Arab fighter refused to let go. The fighter withheld the referee’s decision to pull Ahmad’s arm off his opponent’s neck. When Goddard met success in doing so, a scuffle broke out.

Ahmad Al Darmaki was visibly upset due to Marc Goddard’s decision. The fighter began to push the referee in anger. Due to the altercation, the entourage is witnessed storming into the cage to stop Darmaki. As a result of the lack of discipline in the cage, Ahmad Al Darmaki was disqualified. The victory was stripped away from the Arab fighter and given to his opponent Bogdan Kirilenko.


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When veteran referee Marc Goddard got into a scuffle with Conor McGregor at Bellator Dublin

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Conor McGregor tried to attack Marc Goddard (Image Sources – BBC/The Sun)

At Bellator 187, fighters Charlie Ward and John Redmon were set to fight. Veteran Marc Goddard refereed the fight. The bout ended in a knock-out victory for Charlie Ward. As the fighter was celebrating, UFC superstar Conor McGregor jumped into the cage to celebrate the victory alongside him.

Referee Marc Goddard tried to stop the ‘Notorious’ as he entered the cage. In MMA, it is the referee’s duty to prevent anyone other than the team from stepping into the octagon. Due to the attempt to remove him from the cage, an enraged Conor McGregor tried to fight Marc Goddard.

The Irishman’s entourage had to step into the cage to stop the fighter. These attempts met no success as McGregor managed to push the referee. He also proceeded to yell at the referee for doing his job. The fighter seemed visibly upset at the referee’s refusal to celebrate his friend’s victory.


Bellator 187 was held in Dublin, Ireland. Charlie Ward is known to be close friends with the UFC superstar. Due to their close friendship, Conor McGregor wanted to celebrate the victory beside him, which ended a disaster.

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