‘It was always Ross,’ Track House Racing owner Justin Marks claims the team did not doubt Ross Chastain getting the team a Cup Series win

Find out what Trackhouse racing owner Justin Marks had to say about his teams’ first cup series win just one and half years after its establishment

Justin Marks
Trackhouse Racing No:1 car crew chief Phil Surgent and Team owner Justin Marks alongside Ross Chastain at the COTA podium

Justin Marks is on cloud nine right now as he witnessed his NASCAR outfit Trackhouse Racing’s first Cup Series Win in its short history at the premier stock car racing event. Their No:1 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 driver Ross Chastain has given them the historical win which is also his first Cup career victory.

The Trackhouse Racing has been a revelation in 2022 a position no one expected them to see ever after Justin Marks bought out Ganassi Racing and brought in Rapper Pitbull as a co-owner. But everyone was in for surprise as their drivers Ross Chastain and No:99 car driver Daniel Suarez showcased their capabilities on the track.

Ross Chastain continued to tease a victory coming in his way as he had finished in the Top 3 in the last 3 rounds before coming to Austin where he secured a well-deserved win. Now Justin Marks has come out saying he always believed in Ross Chastain that he one day can deliver big for the team.

Find out what Justin Marks said

Justin Marks
Justin Marks

Justin Marks acknowledged that he and the team were always confident in the talent of Ross Chastain following his inclusion to the team after the Ganassi buyout. He went on to say Ross Chastain has proved his talent through our last month with the team and the first career win opens up doors for him to achieve more.

It was always Ross. That’s what I told him when he got out of the car – it was always you. When the Ganassi buyout happened, he texted me as I got off the press conference stage at the Hall of Fame and he just wrote, ‘I want this.’ And he had to be patient with me as I let the dust settle,” Justin Marks said.

But we all were huge, huge believers in Ross’s talent. We knew what he was capable of doing, and he’s proved it the last month at Trackhouse, and I think we’ve really just opened the door for him and Phil [Surgen] and the No.1 team moving forward. So I’m proud of everybody,” Justin Marks added.

Justin Marks went on to explain that the Trackhouse team is an investment of people where individuals invest in teamwork. He added that his cars the No.1 and the No.99 work together always to keep everyone motivated and empowered in the Cup Series Journey.

Trackhouse is an investment in people. The thing is, I’ve really believed since day one this car delivers an opportunity for these companies to feel like real teams and to really invest in teamwork, and the No.1 and the No.99 work together, and everybody feels motivated and empowered,” Justin Marks explained.

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