Kyle Petty predicts BATTLE between Chase Elliott and “class of the field” Willaim Byron in 2024

Kyle Petty expects a championship battle between the teammates.

Kyle Petty predicts BATTLE between Chase Elliott and “class of the field” Willaim Byron in 2024

William Byron, Kyle Petty (In Circle) and Chase Elliott (Via IMAGO)

Chase Elliott ended his 42-race winless streak last weekend at Texas Motor Speedway. He came into the 2024 season with a lot of pressure to end his winless streak that cost him a playoff spot last season. Now the No:9 Chevy driver has secured his playoff spot and is ready to contend for the championship with his teammates.


His main challengers for the championship would be HMS’ own Kyle Larson and William Byron. The dup has won one and three races each, and the duo has been among the most dominant drivers in the Next-Gen era. Byron has been the wingiest of the two as he has won nine races since the start of the 2022 season.

According ex-NASCAR driver Kyle Petty has pointed out that, with Chase Elliott now in the mix, there is a possibility of a battle among the No:9 and No:24 Chevy teams. He also highlighted that the 2020 Champion is going to have more wins this season and it would cause multiple duals between them.

Obviously, William Byron has shown that he is the class of the field. But I think after two years, basically two full seasons, because he missed some races, of not winning, this is going to be the first of many wins that we see from Chase Elliott this year. Will it be a battle to the end, between Chase Elliott and William Byron? Stay tuned.
Kyle Petty said via

Kyle Petty breaks down how Denny Hamlin spins out while racing Chase Elliott

During the race at Denny Hamlin of JGR and Chase Elliott had an incident. Petty addressed the situation and analysed how a change in approach resulted in the crash. He pointed out that the No:11 Toyota tried a defensive tactic against the No:24 who was on a offensive style.

Denny Hamlin and Chase Elliott
Denny Hamlin and Chase Elliott (Via IMAGO) The No:11 Car spinning out (In Circle via Screenshot: @NASCAR/X)
Once he took the lead, he was offense. He was offense. Denny was defense, and Denny backed that baby in the wall on defense. That’s what happens when you have to play a different game than what you plan towards the end of the race.
Kyle Petty said.

The incident ruined the race for Hamlin, who like Elliott had one of the fastest cars of the day and was very strong contender for the victory. This would not be the last between the two in 2024, as there would be many battles between them in the reminder of the season.