Brad Keselowski reveals RFK Racing’s plan to field four cars in the cup series  

Find out about Brad Keselowski’s plan to convert the two cars RFK Racing team to a four-car team.

Brad Keselowski
Brad Keselowski

Brad Keselowski joined RFK Racing at the start of 2022 as an owner-driver. He was also part of the team’s ownership group. The veteran struggled at the beginning of the season with his track performance. The severe penalty he suffered due to unauthorized changes made to the car parts also hindered his progress.

Both Brad Keselowski and teammate Chris Brusher failed to secure a playoff entry to the team. The Ford Mustangs of RFK failed to enter the victory lane until last Sunday at Bristol. Keselowski won his first cup race as an owner in the final round of 16 playoff races. Chris Brusher held off Chase Eliot in the final 50 laps to emerge victorious.

In the post-race media interaction after the Bristol win, Brad Keselowski revealed RFK racing’s plan to expand their two-car lineup to a four-car line-up. Keselowski, who is among the minority owners of the team, pointed out that the team has already begun the process to became a four-car team.

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Find out what Brad Keselowski said

Brad Keselowski
Brad Keselowski

Brad Keselowski pointed out that RFK Racing wants to get back to being a four-car team. It has been their goal for a long time. He pointed out that to achieve a four-car status they have to become a relevant two-car team and then field three cars on the track.

Yeah, I mean, we want to get back to being at least a four-car team. That’s been our goal all along. Before you can get to a four-car team, you’ve got to get to a three-car team. Before you can get to a three-car team, you have to be relevant as a two-car team,” Brad Keselowski said.

Brad Keselowski went on to define what he meant by being a relevant team. He pointed out that RFK should be able to win multiple races a season and secure playoff spots for both cars. He added that they need to do a lot to get there. Keselowski said that they have already started working internally for the four-car team goal.

For us, again, relevancy is winning races, multiple races a year with both of your cars, and competing for playoffs. We’re not in the playoffs with either of our cars, so we have more work to do. But our stated goal internally is to get back to being a four-car team,” Brad Keselowski added.

Brad Keselowski added that they are in the right direction after Chris Brushers Bristol win “That’s not going to happen if you’re not winning races and you’re not relevant as a two-car team. This is a good step forward for us. We’ve got a long way still to go,”.

When do you think RFK Racing will field four cars?

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