“I’m definitely nervous. But I think it’ll be good,” an anxious Austin Dillon is all set to make his reality TV debut along with his wife

Austin Dillon and spouse Whitney Ward Dillon share their thoughts ahead of his TV debut

austin dillon
Austin Dillon and his family

Austin Dillon drives the No.3 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 for Richard Childress Racing as a full-time NASCAR Cup Series driver and also competes part-time in the NASCAR Xfinity Series driving the No.48 Chevrolet Camaro for Big Machine Racing and also takes part as a part-time contender in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series driving the No.20 Chevrolet Silverado for Young’s Motorsports and is looking forward on appearing in his first-ever reality TV show with his family.

The 32 years old driver hailing from North Carolina has already made a name for himself in stock car racing and is eyeing on adding something much more different than his current field of occupation to his CV as he is set to star in ‘Austin Dillon’s Life in the Fast Lane’ which will also star his wife, Whitney Ward Dillon and his son Ace along with family friends Paul and Mariel Swan and he shares his thoughts prior to the show airing anticipating the response and critics from the fans.

Austin Dillon is getting ready to expand his resume by soon adding a ‘Reality TV Star’ next to his profession of professional stock car racing and he will be joined by his wife and son, Whitney who isn’t new to the field as she already starred in CMT’s Racing Wives, a TV show that revolved around the lives of the spouses and female family members of the famous NASCAR driver Kyle Busch and also stars the third-gen racer Amber Balcaen.

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“Ace will be the cuddliest for sure,” Austin Dillon predicts that his son Ace will steal the show

austin dillon
Austin Dillon with his wife Whitney Ward Dillon

Austin Dillon spoke about his feelings before the start of the show and he said that he is pretty apprehensive about his very first appearance on a TV screen he is one of those who don’t watch something about what they do and supports that by saying that he rarely looks at race replays and added that his best friend Paul Swan who currently works as a crew member in the No.3 team and both have become pretty successful in life.

“I’m definitely nervous,” Austin said. “I don’t like watching myself do anything. I barely re-watch my races. But I think it’ll be good. Everyone else will be pumped. He came to a combine and worked his way up to being on the No. 3 team, it all worked out and now we’re married with kids,” said Austin Dillon.

Austin Dillon’s spouse Whitney was asked about who would be the most loved star of the show and she answered by saying that her two-year-old son, Ace would be the show stopper definitely with the amount of fun and cuteness he brings to the show and she also added that she expects the show to be enjoyable and fun to watch for everyone.

“Ace is going to be the star, he’s just so cute and this little thing running around. He just makes people smile. It’s what our world needs. You should expect a lot of laughs, we are a really funny crew,” added Austin Dillon’s wife, Whitney Ward Dillon.

He too added by answering the question but he had someone different in his mind about the show-stealer was going to be and it wasn’t his son Ace despite being the most adorable cast member he thinks that his best friend Paul Swan will snatch that title with his charm and energetic performance and concluded by saying that he hopes to grab new audience to the sport in this manner.

“It’s going to be between Paul, Mariel, and Whitney, Ace will be the cuddliest for sure. But Paul will be fighting for that title because he’s going to give you the most laughs and energy, there are a lot of people that don’t know about NASCAR and what we go through just getting to the track, I just hope we bring new eyeballs to our sport,” concluded Austin Dillon.

Austin Dillon currently stands 15th in the points table and he is in a must-win situation if he wants to qualify for the playoffs this season.

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